Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun Visit

Saturday afternoon was quiet.  Aden and Buddy went to hang with Benjamin.  Ben's dad taught me about aromatherapy to deal with my growing anxiety.  Lavender it is.
 That night, we went to Andrew, Alicia, Brendan and Devin.  They go to Long Beach Island in the Summer so we haven't seen them since the Spring.  We need to turn them into Margate people!
 Aden was excited to see Devin.
 Howard, Jen and Avery also came by.  Their new baby girl will be here in about 2 weeks!
 Kid's table.
 They kept switching cups for some reason.  
 Holding hands.  Too cute.
 Everyone thought it was funny the way Ariel threw herself down the slide.
 Brendan taught Aden a few things about soccer.

 Avery is ready to be a big sister!
 We should have warned them that Ariel will write on anything.  The chalk did not stay on the driveway!
 Her first taste of ice cream! (she's almost 1 1/2)
 Rainbow Loom!
 Ariel would rather just play with the bands.  Do you guys understand this Rainbow Loom thing?

 Group hug!
 We miss these days!  She's small but not that small!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Who out there is for 3 day weekends?  It's Sunday night and after a weekend of no rest it's really tough to face a whole week of work and after school activities.  

Friday, I picked up the kids.  Ariel played with Aden and his friends.
 The big girls smother her.

 We got home and Aden started crying.  We forgot Buddy!  Every kid had to bring home Buddy the Bear with his suitcase full of clothes and toys and take pictures with him.  We had no idea it was Aden's turn.  Of course we ran back to school!
Right away we started taking pictures of Buddy doing things around the house.
 We then went to dinner at West Ave Grill.
 Buddy and Aunt Bev.

 Buddy eating fruit.  Can you imagine how dirty he is after being with all the other kids in the class?
 Buddy with Daddy.
 Buddy with Great Grandmom.
 Buddy with the shirtless wonder.
 Buddy with Aden's trophies.

 Buddy with Little Hoot.
 Saturday morning we had soccer.  What a beautiful day.

 Aden ran the whole time and seemed to enjoy it!
 Go Aden!
 Ariel always making friends.
 Aden and Jake wanted to play goalie together.

 Buddy made it to the game too!

 Where else can we take Buddy?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Chad!

It's Thursday night and we just got back from a nice dinner for Chad's birthday.  Amy is upset because it's too late to start Grey's Anatomy!  I have just enough energy to do this before I collapse!

Aden has been begging to wear his muscle shirt to school.  We finally gave in.  After school, we all headed to the NAC for swim.
 Not you this time.
 Aden in the pool!

 It's hard to get Ariel to sit still.
 I miss the outside pool already.  It's actually still open but it's not heated enough.

 Swimming by himself back and forth across the pool!
 This willingly putting his face in the pool is still so new for all of us.

 Dinner at Mom Mom and Pops.
 That was a nice treat.
 She really likes to play with cars.

 Soccer practice.
 Joseph lost his first tooth!

 They taught them heading.
 Augusto's for Chad's birthday.  
 It was a rare mid-week treat!  Thanks Clarisse!