Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick Baby

So, it's 11:43 on Tuesday. Aden was up a lot last night but he would fall back asleep. This morning, he felt warm and was a little stuffy. We took his temperature and it was fine so we took him to school. They just called saying he's at 101! I guess I'm going to get him. Well that didn't take long!

Sunday was a lazy, lay around kind of day. Eventually, we dragged ourselves out of the house to get some some stuff for the bedroom. Aden tried out the pillows.

I'm not so sure about his taste.

While we were at Bertuccis, there was a big thunderstorm. I held Aden up to the window so he could watch. He didn't even flinch at the thunder and lightening. Ok, leaving now, will give you an update later.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Holland Elementary

Aden had a great day at school!!!  We are so happy.  I didn't call at all.  Amy called twice.  He played and slept and ate with no complaints.  The teachers loved him.  We are relieved.  He already though has a bit of a runny nose.  That didn't take long.  Amy also had a good first day.  Everyone welcomed her back.  She's back to doing school work at night.  

Back on Friday, seems so long ago, it was nice after work so we went for a walk.  It was nice to walk the Bugaboo out of the garage rather than having to carry it down two flights of stairs.  Aden was ready to go!

One house down from us, there is a walkway that goes right to Aden's future school Holland Elementary.  It starts out with pavers.  Kind of like the yellow brick road but in a suburban kind of way.

Then it becomes blacktop as it goes along the nature preserve.  We can see trails back there, we are going to have to explore.

It's a short walk to the school.

It's the oldest and quite possibly the smallest of the Council Rock elementary schools.  The gym, cafeteria and auditorium are all the same room!  We here though it's coming up for renovation.  They have 5 years till Aden gets there to at least get air conditioning!  

We explored the neighborhood behind the school.

Saturday my Vespa scooter wouldn't start.  Adam came over with his van and we schlepped it to a motorcycle shop in Willow Grove.  Amy and Melissa, meanwhile, went out shopping for dresses for the b'nai mitzvah in May.  They usually want me there for my help.  Oh well. Saturday night, Adam and Ellen and Beverly and Rose and Randy and the twins came over.  We ordered in from Duck Sauce in Newtown.  Aden couldn't wait to play with the girls.

Adam is sweet with the babies.

Hey, where is your arm buddy?!?!

My boy.

My parents stopped by with their friends.  So much for bedtime!

Goodnight Rylee, or is that Reese?

My dad wanted to try out my chair.  It was a fun night, but I think I'm ready to go out on a Saturday night!

First Day of School!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. Just being lazy. I actually do have a lot of pictures, which I will post later but I just wanted to start with Aden's (and Amy's) first day of school. Poor Amy. She has been wondering if she made the right decision to go back to work. It will be hard at first but I think it will be good for both of them. Aden needs to socialize with his peers and maybe even pick up a few minor illnesses to build his immunity. Amy also needed to socialize and work with her peers too. She did have have classes and lunches but most of the time was just chilling with the baby. This morning went smoothly. Amy was up at 6 and showered. I was ups at 6:30 and fed and changed Aden. Amy took him at 7 so I could get ready. She left at 7:30 and I left with Aden at 7:45. He has lots of stuff there already but we still had to pack his lunch. He is probably going to try and trade his peanut butter and jelly for some Ho Ho's or Ring Dings!

It's just a 5 minute drive to the synagogue.

Aden was all excited and nervous.

He was the first baby there. The girls that work there are very nice. There are 10 kids in his class and 3 or 4 teachers.

They have lots of toys and things to do.

I spent about a half hour playing with him and feeding him Puffs. He didn't even notice me leaving, which was probably a good thing. They know how to keep him distracted. I had a few tears but I knew he was in good hands. Amy won't get there will 4:15, so it's a long day. Hopefully he will be fine.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Baby

Thursday night was quiet. It was raining really hard outside. It was our first rain since moving in and the house made some really interesting sounds. Didn't see any leaks though which was good. Amy had a couple of friends over with their kids. She spread out some blankets, including the one Beverly made, and put out tons of toys. They all had a great time but Amy forgot to take pictures. Oh well.

Still no crawling yet, but lots of rocking back and forth. We also think he is going through a growth spurt and maybe has some more teeth coming through.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Amy took the camera to Aden's last Hall-Mercer Mommy and Me class at Pennsylvania Hospital. I never got a chance to go so it's great she took some pictures. I'm glad Amy got a chance to do two sessions of the class. She learned a lot and made some really great friends, two of which are driving out to have lunch with her today. Now that's she's going back to school, she can't do the next session but she might go back in the Summer. They used these chairs to feed the kids.

Aden was pulling her hair the whole time!

Aden will miss all his friends! Since their birthdays are all around the same time, we might all try and get together for a big party.

This is the greeting I got when I got home from work.

The bibs with the pockets are great for catching things as they drop.

We went to Giuseppes for dinner. Aden is as bad as me trying to decide what to get!

He loves to play with spoons.

It's still fun taking him out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Class

I have been lazy the last couple of days and haven't taken many pictures. I didn't take any Sunday when Amy's mom made a birthday dinner for Aunt Judy and I didn't last night when I made a crazy huge dinner. Sometimes I feel like I'm just bothering people. About last night, sometimes I don't know what comes over me. Amy had suggested fajitas, which are easy enough, but of course I had to complicate it. First I decide to make a pulled chicken taco instead, then I had to make my own salsa. I had to go to four supermarkets to find tomatillos (little green tomatoes) for the salsa. The suburbs suck. Too hard to find ethnic food. I spent 2 hours shopping! Amy called looking for me. Dinner wasn't ready until 9! I think it was too ambitious for a work night but it came out pretty good.

Today is Aden's last day of his mommy and me class! Amy just called from the traffic nightmare that is I-95. She's sad it's the last day but happy to not have to drive to the City during rush hour. Here is Aden getting up for his big day.

Brushing our teeth! He smiles now. Seems to like it.

All dressed and ready to go. Aden will miss his girlfriends Abby and Lila and his bud's Alex and AJ and the others.

Sad thinking about his friends.

OK, let's go!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lunch With Great Bubbie

Amy, Aden and I met my grandmother for lunch at Olympia Diner (yuck). Aden spent a couple of hours at daycare today as practice. They kept him busy and he was wiped out! He was good the whole time and only cried when he saw Amy return.

Bubbie couldn't wait to feed him.