Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Storm

As you all know the weekend was crazy. By the time we left Jared's party at 4 on Saturday, the rain and wind had arrived. We roasted a chicken and played games as it got worse and worse outside. Aden actually went to sleep early and did not seem effected by the storm. When the Tornado warnings started, we got him and moved to the basement. I wish I had a picture of the three of us on the blow up mattress. Aden kept asking why we were in the basement.

Overnight is when my dad got injured. My parents were in the hospital all night. When we got up, we got Aden cleaned up, then I went to check on my parent's house. My dad was trying to save the basement from flooding.

It was crazy driving around Sunday morning. Trees down everywhere, what a mess.

The creek behind my parent's house.

The basement was fine!

I tried to get to St. Mary's, but I couldn't! The Neshaminy Creek was overflowing. The hospital was like a island! This is Newtown Richboro Road.

This is 413 near Bridgetown.

We waited for the weather to clear up.

Finally, the sun came out! Aden needed to get out to play.

The end to quite a weekend.

Monday, Aden played with his new pirate ship. He's into pirates now.

We wandered around and met our new neighbors. They have a son Aden's age!

Aden had a great time playing.

The "other Jason" is going to be a great friend. They will even be in the same class!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sorry. I think for the first time in 4 years, I completely forgot about the blog. I will post later. Dad is doing great. The surgery was a success and hopefully he will come home soon.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Well that was quite a weekend! Hopefully you are all ok. We mostly escaped unharmed. The emphasis on mostly. My dad is going in for surgery in a little while. He broke his ankle while setting up a pump outside the basement window at 1 in the morning in the middle of the hurricane. So everyone wish him luck!

Jared's birthday party got moved from Sunday to Saturday because of the storm. I will discuss the hurricane in the next post. When we headed over to the Newtown Athletic Club at 2, it wasn't raining yet, but that all changed. Over 100 people were invited!

Aden had such a great time.

Sorry about the quality of pictures. The lighting was awful.

Today is the first day of the third trimester! And Amy's first day of school!

Upstairs for pizza, cake and ice cream.

Nice cake.

The birthday family.

Time to go, it's raining! Irene is coming!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'll Take the Yellow One

Some random shots from the week. An LFA at Thompson Lexus. Not bad for $381,000! I wonder what kind of financing they offer?

Playing with the neighbors.

Aden's first night in his big boy bed!

He was so excited!

Some books in bed.

He was so cute. He said to Amy, you can leave and shut the door and go downstairs and watch tv, I'm ok! He lasted until about 3 in the morning when we heard screaming. He was standing next to his bed crying. I guess that was pretty good for the first attempt.

Last night we had a visit from Zofia, Claudia and Colin.

My computer from 1999!

We gave some of Aden's clothes to Colin. It was sad seeing them go. At least we have a few pictures!