Friday, June 29, 2018

Loving the Rides

It's Thursday night.  The kids are going to bed later and later every night.  Aden was up till 10:30 working on his birthday invites.  His birthday is less than 2 weeks away.  Oops.  Let's continue last Friday.  After our Manco and Manco's Pizza, we headed to the rides.  Ariel and Noah went on everything.  Eli wouldn't go near them!

 Look at Eli looking at a ride.

 Noah had to do the fore engines twice.  
 Enjoying some Johnson's Popcorn.
 You can see Ariel in the grey sweatshirt on the horse.
 Then the swings.

 We finally got Eli on something!
 Doing some posing.  
 It's Miss Hailee from school!

 I went to dinner with Amy without my glasses that I couldn't find.  We got into Steve and Cookies.  Yum!  The sitter sent me this pic.  Guess who found the glasses?!?
 After dinner we took the kids to the playground with the sitter.  

 We went to many playgrounds this weekend.

This was at midnight.  Yes, we have 5 zones and 5 Nest thermostats.  
 Saturday morning Melissa and the girls came over.

 Then we walked to may parents to find Aden.  He and Ariel had slept there so they could work on their Lego sets.  

 To be continued next week.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Favorite Pizza

It's way too late Wednesday night and I want to go to bed.  The summer is all the sudden way harder than the school year.  It's not even July yet and Amy and I are exhausted.  Back to last weekend.  We drove to the shore on Thursday afternoon.  No traffic was nice.  We walked over to the Greenhouse for dinner.  
 The boys thought they saw an elephant.  
 It was a nice quick dinner so we could...
 Head to the playground.  

It makes me nervous when they climb.

 Noah is a little monkey.

 It's so light out but it's late! Time for bed!
 I know all your kids watch these really annoying videos on Youtube made by annoying kids and their annoying parents.  Well, Ariel wants her own channel.  She's been practicing!

Friday morning, Ariel and I snuck out for Junior's doughnuts.
 The mini golf course is coming along.

 We then headed out to Ocean City.  Of course the first stop is the free fudge.
 It was quiet but got busier.
 What are they watching?
 Race cars!

 I had been waiting for like 10 months to eat some Manco and Manco's pizza.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

It's Tuesday night. The weather has been beautiful.  We've been spending a lot of time outdoors.  The twins started camp today and had fun, thankfully.  They were worn out.  When I got home from work, Noah was the sofa in a daze just staring.  The older kids are happy too.  

Last Monday we came back from the shore early.  It was foggy!
 Finally home!  Poor Aden had school on Monday.  
 What's so funny Eli?
 You are wearing Ariel's ballet shoes!

 Practicing her poses.

 Aden and Jason to a break from sports to play some video games.
 Jessica our neighbor is pregnant and getting married in August!
 These are pics from Aden's end of the year party.  Amy was a homeroom mom and put the party together.  These are someone's pics I saw on Facebook. 

 What are you doing?
 Oh, cleaning his butt!
 Um Eli....the Cheerios goes in your mouth.  
 Blue Playground.
 Trying more poses.