Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aden Under the Waves

It's Thursday night.  One week ago was the crazy weather in Florida!  Tonight it was much nicer.  Ariel had her first t-ball practice.  She started off strong but faded fast.  This is going to be a long season.

Back to last Friday.  Everyone in the pack n play!

Our last full day was finally a solid beach day.
The sky looked scary but it got better quickly.  Does this dragging the carts to the beach seem familiar to anyone?
Ariel played catch with Uncle Mark.

 Then we played some football.
 I don't know what's meaner, the sky or Aden's face.

 The boys weren't sure.  They wanted out of the crib but they really didn't want to be on the beach.
 Long line of pelicans.
 Best buds.

 Eli was a better than Noah.
Some shots of me with the kids.

 Jason and his family joined us.  Aden has never really been in an ocean before.  Just too scared.  

 But with Jason and his siblings going deeper and deeper, Aden started to get braver.

Cute pic.

 My boy went all the way in and had waves crashing over him.  The first time!  I hope this carries over to Margate!

 That night we brought in food and packed so I didn't take any pictures.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Take Cover!

It's Wednesday night.  I took Aden to baseball practice and it was freezing out! Way too cold for baseball.  Aden has some skills but he's way too silly most of the time.  We also had a new babysitter over tonight to meet the kids.  That went well.  I grew up with her mom.  Back to Florida (I wish)

These first few are some leftovers from Wednesday night last week. After dinner at the Farmer's Table, we headed to Mizner Park to meet cousins and get ice cream.
Once in a while we can get all 4 to pose.
There's cousins Carol and John.
Our little girl loved her dress.

We had Sloan's ice cream.
 Look at Eli.  He was asking for more!

One of my favorite places in the world to be.  In front of Max's at Mizner.
The next day it was not a beach day so we headed up to Delray for lunch.
 I didn't take a lot of pictures.  This is Atlantic Avenue.  Lots of great shops and restaurants.
 Lunch at Luigi's.
 This place was cute.  Ice cream and fruit pops that they dip in different toppings.

We were leaving and saw some familiar faces walking by.
 Baby brushes.
 That night we met Carol and John at Max's at Mizner for dinner.  The kids were all in bad moods.
 John tried to cheer them up.

 So all the sudden, everyone's phones buzz and we get the message: Tornado - Take shelter now!  Of course no one moved. 
We went out to see the rain, which was insane.  The roads quickly flooded.  There actually was a tornado touchdown close by.

We had to run outside for a like 20 feet to get to the garage.  The kids were scared.  It was nuts.
 This poor 911.
 It was hard to get home.  Most of the roads were flooded.  We had to try different ways.  We saw flooded out cars everywhere.
 Happy to be home.
 Our friends Melanie and Rob got stuck in the floods so I picked them up and drove them home.