Monday, June 30, 2008

They're Back!!!

Amy's cousins Edmund and Elaine live near Atlanta.  They drove in Saturday to spend a week or so up here.  They sent this from the car when they were about 300 miles away.  It took about 14 hours.  I could never do that.  The longest drive I can handle is the hour it takes to get to the Shore.  The kids were good, I guess that helps.  They are staying with Amy's aunt.  We passed by the house at 1:30 in the morning after leaving the Greenhouse and saw their car.  They had just arrived.

Sunday morning, Mark and I went to pick up hot bagels and lox spread then we all met at Amy's aunt's house.  It was great to see everyone.  The kids were cute.  They loved Amy's belly.  Brianna said, "I want to see baby boy Wexler!"

This was her special July 4th bathing suit so she changed to save it.  We were wondering how she would handle the beach.  Last Summer she would not touch the sand.  I actually laid out the belly boards and towels and made a path for her to walk on.

We dragged so much stuff to the beach.  I guess a prelude to when our son is ready.  Amy found Adam and Ellen right away.

Little Adam immediately ran into the water, which was 58 degrees, Mark and Edmund followed him in.

Well I guess one year make a big difference.  Not only did she like the sand, she wanted to go in the water!

Mark was great with the kids, spending the whole day in the frigid water.

Pretty cool shot.  Same as last week but now you can't see Atlantic City.  It was a little hazy.

The gang.  The ice cream man came by and we all got something.  I love the banana fudge pops but I got a Choco Taco this time.

Edmund and Elaine

She was having so much fun.

Brianna grabbed the camera and took this great picture.  I'm going to have some competition one day.

It was nice just hanging out and talking.  It was much cooler today then it was yesterday.  It was hot at home so we were glad to be there.

A quick shower for the kids.

How cute!

After a quick Chinese dinner with Amy's mom and Melissa and Mark, Amy and I drove back to the City.  We passed by Story Book Land.  I have never been there but Amy loves it.  I guess I will have to check it out.

Sunset on the Atlantic City Expressway.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Up The Creek

Saturday was hot and sunny, not much of a sea breeze.  Melissa, Amy and I walked to our beach. We didn't do much, just kind of relaxed, which I guess is what you are supposed to do.  Mark came about 3 and they went for a long walk.

I'm not sure why this picture is fuzzy.  It kind of looks like a painting.

We met this girl on the beach.  She is due a couple of weeks after Amy with a girl.  It was interesting to see how different they were both carrying.  The new girl was a little wider in the hips and the belly was lower.

Scott and some of his friends stopped by and grabbed the little green computer.  They were fascinated.  There is an application where you type a phrase and a big face says it out loud. They were writing very inappropriate things for a kids computer!

Saturday night, Amy and I went to pick up Alan and Ina to go to dinner.  I think Josh had enough!  There is nothing like the beach to wipe out a little kid.

The four of us drove to Somer's Point to try out a new place that Alan's parent's suggested.  

It looked like a house.  It was right on the water.

Some crab traps out front.  I guess they have fresh crab, which means crab cakes for Amy!

We were on the second floor and had a very nice view.  The food was decent, but not amazing. Alan and Amy got the crab cakes.  The baby got crab cakes too I guess.

Here is the sunset from our seats.  Very romantic.

The girls wanted ice cream to so off to Two Cents Plain in Margate.  This is the place that has a sharing charge for waffles and ice cream (who doesn't share) and where you get yelled at if you try and stay in with a take out container or cone, but it's the place to be, so that's where we went.

We only had to wait a short time but they were telling people behind us over half an hour.  Too long for very overpriced ice cream.  A single scoop is almost $5!  You can get a half gallon at the supermarket for $2 on sale but I guess it's the experience and company that makes it worth it.

We think we learned a trick.  We didn't tell the waitress we were sharing.  We just said that Amy wasn't getting anything and we didn't get charged extra!  Of course that meant Amy had to sneak bites when the waitress wasn't looking!

Hi Alan and Ina! (two of my biggest fans)

Of course we ended up at the Greenhouse.  We ran into Melanie and Gregg.  We had not seen them since the wedding.  They showed us their honeymoon in Mexico pictures. They had an amazing time.  It's crazy they just got back and the anniversary of our honeymoon is Monday.  I want to go back to Hawaii!  They said they might use one of the pictures I took at their wedding in the their album!  That's quite an honor.

Jason and Andrea, on the left, got engaged this week!  That's Adam and Ellen on the right.  It was Ellen's birthday today!  Happy Birthday Ellen!

My friend Howard from high school also showed up.  That was a nice surprise.  He lives in NY and doesn't make it to the Shore enough.  We stayed till 1:30!  Even longer then Melissa!  

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Boys

Amy and I met Emily, Nathan and Kyle at Fridays for lunch.  The boys were cute.  They have a lot of energy.  I don't think Amy is ready for twins just yet.  (Amy doesn't even look pregnant in this picture?!?)  Emily looks great too.  The girls are jealous of her hair.  Ask her to see the scrapbook her friend made of the boys first year, it's amazing!

They loved seeing the pictures of Mark, their favorite cousin, and Melissa. 

It's amazing how quickly kids pick up electronic things and know what to do.

On the way to the Shore Friday night, there was a strong thunderstorm.  After it cleared up a bit, there was a rainbow!

We got down late and didn't do much.  The neighbors were checking in on Amy.

Melissa was freaked out by the "wildlife"  Lot's of snails and slugs.

Amy thought he was cute.

The Purple Pumpkin

Amy picked up the Layette at Denny's!  I guess we are getting close.

She then washed everything in the special baby detergent Dreft.

We went to the Purple Pumpkin in Huntingdon Valley to register for fun baby things.

Our son must have a Harley!

And of course a beach chair!

We picked all this stuff!  The clothesline thing is cute.

We loved the Once upon a time book holder and matching tissue box and other stuff.  Also the letters for the wall were cute.

Amy says no sports but you can't avoid it!

It will be a little while before he needs this.

Or this.