Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Little Salt Shaker

Sorry if I'm boring you.  I just want the blog to be complete so my kids always have a record of their lives.  I think it would be neat if they could show all of this to their kids some day!

Last Thursday morning, we got off the boat pretty early.  Unlike most cruises where they let you off in groups, they just announced the doors were open!
 Bye Mickey!
 This was the end of Ariel's fever.  She woke up with it but responded quickly to the Tylenol and there was no more fever!
 Welcome to Walt Disney World!!!
 It was early but our room at the Polynesian was ready.

 Our second set of Magic Bands was ready to go.  I was excited to see how it would all work.  The bands are your room keys, park admission, credit cards and ride reservations all in one.
We wanted to explore the grounds but it was time to hit the parks!
 Nice pool!
 Back on the monorail!
 So exciting!
 The Magic Kingdom!
 Someone snapped out of her 5 day sickness and was ready to party!
 We ran right into a parade with the characters.
 Ariel was not very happy about that.
 Beautiful day.  Warm and sunny and thankfully humid.  Our dry skin and lips felt better than they have in months.

 My friend Lizette who works at Disney and whose office is actually below the Magic Kingdom came to say hi.
 Ariel loved the carousel.  Aden not so much.
 Ariel fell asleep so I stayed with her and they all went on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  
 Just trying to get comfortable in the heat.
 Aden got a gun 2 years ago and a Mickey and sword this time.

 The Jungle Cruise!

 The boat's captain was funny.
 If you look closely at the pink cup you will see one very happy little girl.
 Behind this wall they were building a new Snow White roller coaster.
 This was new.  A splash area.
 Both kids loved it.  
 Belle's Castle.  The new area was amazing.
 This is what it it was like reserving rides on my phone and using the Magic Bands.  It worked out pretty well.
 This was kind of cool.  Right in the middle of the line for the Dumbo ride was a play area for the kids.  Instead of just waiting in line and being bored, the kids can play and they give you a beeper to call you when the line has moved.
 On Dumbo!
 Cool action shot.
 We had planned to go back to the hotel to rest in the afternoon as we got up around 5 to get off the boat but the kids were having so much fun we stayed till after 10 pm!
 This was Ariel's reaction seeing Princess Ariel on her new ride.
 There she is!
 This was so cute.  Enchanted Tales With Belle.  The kids all got parts then acted out the story of Beauty and the Beast with Belle!  Ariel was the salt shaker.  Aden stayed right next to us.
 Belle was so pretty!
 Ariel looks so small here.  I will post a video later.
 We watched the Electric Light Parade, the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle, then had dinner at Tony's.  It was a very full day.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day at Sea, Not So Bad

The last full day on the boat was a day at sea.  I usually am not very fond of days at sea because I get bored but we had a nice time.  We had great weather and kept busy.

Yes, Ariel was back in our bed.
We headed up to the top of the boat to check out the sports deck.
 It's been a bit tough but we were sad it was out last day.
 People were already on the Aqua Duck.  Glad we did it the day before when no one was on the boat.  Way too crowded today.  It is a fun ride though.

 Mini golf!

That's Goofy's son Max.

 Ariel was the big winner of course!
 We had a fun morning.
The pool was already packed.  I don't know how we were ever going to get seats.
 Aden wanted to work on his detective case.
 Almost have the mystery solved!
A spontaneous dance party with the characters!

 You don't see this on a lot of cruises.
We went for a walk around the deck.

 At least she had an appetite.
 Pool time.
So nice to finally be able relax in the pool.

Of course Aden found the arcade.

Dinner time in Cinderella's Palace.
 I got 2 desserts!  I actually took it pretty easy with the eating.  Normally I would get one of everything.  
 It was a pretty room.
 Do you see the glass slippers?
 We wandered around the ship after dinner.
 Aden's buddy Mickey Mouse.
 Ariel still wasn't feeling well.  She went to dinner in her pjs.

 Aden finally solved the case!  It was the Evil Queen!
 The Princesses came out again.  
 Time for bed.
 Look how they light up the side of the ship so you can see the water.
 There's the Aqua Duck slide hanging over the boat and still going really late at night.
 Time to pack!