Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bunny in a Hat

It's Wednesday night.  We went to Purim services and pizza dinner at the synagogue tonight.  The kids were crazy but thankfully didn't get into trouble.  I ate way too many cookies.  Speaking over my awful eating habits, I'm still working out twice a week with the trainer.  I'm so sore from yesterday, I don't know how I'm going to make it tomorrow.  An hour is a really long time to be doing non-stop intense training.  I guess it's good for me.  

Last week, Aden finished off his sports class.  He probably won't have any more classes at the NAC until the Fall.  Baseball and football start soon!  He won't see Brody as often which is kind of a bummer.  

 Ariel is the only one in her swim class! Cheap private lessons.  
 Blowing bubbles.
 The King and Queen of the twin's class.
 Tricky Tray!  It's the fundraiser at Aden's school where you put tickets in boxes to win trays of prizes.  

 We went early so there was no one there.  Aden used all his tickets for a signed Eagle's picture.  He won it!
 Amy won a trip to an accupuncturist.  That tall guy is a teacher from Aden's school.  He writes children's books and they went to his book signing this week.
 Ariel had an extra cheerleading practice Friday night.  They started doing the routine to music!

 Then we went to synagogue for a Tot Shabbat.  We missed the service but made it in time for the magician.  

 Ariel went up on stage and helped out.

 Aden found the bunny in the hat!

 Fun time!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nice Ride

It's Tuesday night.  For some reason, Amy has been going to most of the kid's activities lately so I have far fewer pictures than usual.  I need to train her to take a few.  It was really warm last week.  
This was my loaner car while my car was at the dealer.  I didn't want to give it back!  This thing was fast!
 Amy took the older kids out so I went outside with the twins.  
 They can get up the rock wall really quickly!
 I turned around for a second and they were running up the path to the school.
 I caught you!

 We were the only ones out there.

It's scares me how they throw themselves down the huge slide.

Every squeezed into the Model S.
 The twin's are talking about knights and dragons and castles in their class.
 Their teacher is so creative.

 Ariel looking serious in her class.
 Good night!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Toddlers and Super Balls

It's Monday night.  All is quiet.  Here are some not very exciting pics from last week.  Where did you guys sleep last night?
 I love when they walk with their hands in the their pockets.  

 Crazy warm day for February.
 The twins were playing outside when I got to school to pick them up.

 Look who I ran into!  She had to stay for play practice and was upset when I left without her.

 Noah loves mommy.
 Aden almost never wears jeans but he had to for Hebrew School.  
 I tried to get a picture but he wasn't cooperating.
 Our handsome big boy.

This is what happens when you give 3 year olds super balls.