Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Lone Sharpie Lid

It's Halloween night.  Sorry there was no post today.  We got home around 1am this morning from New York so I skipped it.  We went to see the 15th Anniversary show of Wicked on Broadway!  I will tell you all about that in a later post.  These will finish off last week.  

Our stylish first grader.
 I love watching them for a few minutes when I drop them off.
 So true.
 Pick up!  Eli wanted to show me his skeleton.

 A new toy!  Race tracks for Eli and Noah!

 Ariel helped daddy cook.  

 Not sure what she was doing here.  She has a very active imagination.  
 As soon as they woke up, right back to the race tracks.  

 Circle time!
 Shannon the sitter took these at the school playground.

 I might have showed you this before.  Eli is in the NAC program catalogue.  Someone noticed it and sent it to me asking if it was Eli!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Eli on the Floor

It's Monday night and sadly Aden's flag football season has come to an end.  It was their first loss of the season and he's taking it really hard.  I'm trying to get him to think about how good they were and how much fun he had.  So I told you last Saturday night, Ariel slept at the gym.  Sunday morning I had to go pick her up before 8.  Ugh.  She seemed happy though.
 Then the lucky girl got to go right to Hebrew School.  
 Eli was back in front of the Greatest Showman.

 We didn't do anything that day except watch the Eagles lose.
 We cheered ourselves up with brownies.
 It was cold Monday morning!
 Amy took the boys to Chick fil A after gym class.
 During nap time, we found Eli on the floor.
 And this is how it happened!

Dinner for mom's birthday.
 Game time!
 Nothing like ice cream on a cold night!
 We had a big crowd cheering on Aden.

 We won!
 Aden ran into his old buddy Jake.
 Bed time!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Super Soccer Star

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty busy weekend.  Yesterday was a fun bar mitzvah that was most of the day.  Today we got up early to watch the Eagles playing in London.  We should have gone!  Back to last weekend.  Ariel had soccer and I took one of my favorite pictures of her playing.  Notice the dance pose.
Ariel with the very patient coach.

 She tries to get into the action.  

 The parents are better at gossiping than watching!

 Ariel's buddy Aiden was on the field right next door.
Shannon helped during the day.
 Ariel had her friend Mara over.  

 Allison sat that night.  Ariel slept over at the NAC.  It was slime night!  
 Allison had it under control so Amy and I went to dinner at Harvest with Ali and Lindsay.
 Aden went next door for pizza and a movie.