Friday, October 31, 2008

The Parade!!!

Running out the door to go trick or treating in the new neighborhood so I will be brief.  We now live 2 blocks from Broad Street.  My dad, Melissa and Howard came over and we walked straight into insanity!!!

Aden took a little nap waiting for the players.

Mass of humanity.

Good view.

Pat Burrel.

Phillie Phanatic.

The mayor holding the trophy.

Next time we are bringing step ladders!  Look for Halloween pictures later!

World Champion Phillies!!!

So who is going to the parade?!?!?!  We are!?!?!?  Helps that it passes 2 blocks from our house.  We are excited.  Here are some pictures from game 5.  I ran into Jason on the way, with his brother and dad.  It was Jason's birthday and what a present he was about to get!

I was with another Jerry.

Some action.

The Phanatic.

Now that is a costume.  I think we know what Aden will be next year!

Yay!!! We won!!!

I stayed for an hour after the game.  Everyone was excited but there was a more a sense of relief than anything else.

The team with the trophy!

Outside was even crazier!  The area around the stadium was packed.  People were singing on the subway.  And when I got out onto Broad Street, all hell had broken loose!  We don't know how Aden slept through the night with all that noise.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dress Up Day in School!

It's 12:21 am and South Street is going crazy! I just back from the game a little while ago. I will have a Phillies post later, let's just say I'm very happy! :-) Aden had dress up day in class today. Amy took these pictures.  Rose and Randy, who just had two beautiful baby girls, bought Aden this jacket.

The black cat is Aden's girlfriend Abby.

I wanted to take him to the game but Amy wouldn't let me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Go Phillies!!!

Sorry, got too busy to do an update today so I will quickly give you a few pictures.  I'm on my way to the continuation of game 5 of the World Series!!!  Go Phils!!!  As you can see Aden is ready for the game.  The other pictures show Aden's first time in the Bugaboo with the regular seat.  He seems to like it!