Monday, June 30, 2014

Adam's Bar Mitzvah

Saturday morning we had Adam's Bar Mitzvah on the bay in Longport.  They came in from Atlanta to do it here rather then have all of us go down there.

Adam getting a little last minute practice.  

 Hey Adam!  Good Luck!
 Brianna looked so pretty!
 My cuties!

 All set with her kippah!
 Good baby.

 I like these with the prayer book.

 It was a beautiful Saturday morning service.  The rabbi was very thorough.  Adam did a great job with all his parts.
Melissa and Mark doing the blessings before and after the Torah portion.
 Hanging with Alex who took all night to get home from Florida.

Time for Justin to put the Torah away.
My grandmother loves babies.  Eva slept most of the service.

 Nice family shot.
 Adam with Amy's parents.

 The view outside.
 We had a lovely buffet.

 She belongs in the Hamptons!
 They had a pool outside, Ariel begged us.
 But it was nap time for all the babies.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Disco Skating

Again it's way too late Sunday night for me to be up so I will be quick.  It's really too much to have a full Sunday at the Shore, including the beach, pool and barbecue only to have to drive home 2 plus hours.  Of course I have tons of weekend pics but I still have a few left over from last week.

Thursday night we had Aden's buddy Jake's birthday party at Palace Roller Skating Rink in the Northeast.  You might remember we were here for my friend Adam's birthday a few years ago.  Before that, it was about 25 years since I used to frequent the place!  Last week I told you Aden fell on his skates and said he wasn't going to the party.  Well peer pressure prevailed.  He was there with skates on!
 There's Jake.  A bit of an odd party idea for 6 year olds but I had fun!  I skated the whole time!
He's looking so big!  I brought my roller blades.  No was I was putting those rentals on!
 There's Ashley, Ariel's buddy.  Ariel didn't come and sadly Ashley kept asking for her.
 The boys mostly hung on the wall.

 I helped Lori get around a few times with Brandon and Ashley.
 Ashley did great.  I wonder how Ariel would have done.
 Aden did make it around a few times.

 His friend Diana was great!
 Of course they found the video games.

 What's so funny Ash?
 Jake's mom apologized for the pizza before we even ate it.  It's a roller rink, we weren't expecting Taconelli's.

 Disco time!
 Ash skated on her own!

 It was a co-birthday with Lily.  Obviously her idea.

 Friday, Amy took Ariel to her first dance class at the NAC!
 Ms. Jen was the teacher.
 All the kids love her.