Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Big Boys in High Chairs

It's Wednesday night.  The last full night of 2015.  Did I mention our fridge broke?  We have had no luck.  Our original one lasted about 5 years.  This one a year and half.  It can't be fixed so they are giving us a new one tomorrow.  That will be about 3 weeks without a fridge in the kitchen.  Thankfully, we have the one in the garage but it's a pain to keep running in there.  None of the kids wanted to go to sleep tonight so that doesn't bode well for the rest of the night.  These are from last weekend.

The kids played with Jason and Ryan a bit.  They got some cool toys for Christmas.
Self service Eli.

The boys like when you sit across the room and roll cars to them.

 We stayed in Saturday night.
 This was Sunday.  All clean, time for an adventure!
 We went to Caleb's in Lahaska for brunch.
Are you happy with the picture Eli?
It's fun having the boys in high chairs.

Ariel had to make friends with everyone.
We then walked around Peddler's Village.  
 It was supposed to be warmer.
The bakery is gone!  A not so great cupcake place took over.
 Ariel liked her cake pop.
 Aden was in Lego heaven.
 They twins really loved their cookies.
We played for a while at Giggleberry.

 Everyone had fun!  In case I don't get around to a post tomorrow night, everyone have a fun and safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Big, Sloppy, Wet Kisses

It's Tuesday night.  2 days left in the year.  I haven't seen any year end recaps yet on tv so it's all just a blur to me.  

Last Wednesday, we went to grandmom's to celebrate Eva's birthday.
Big, sloppy, wet kisses!

They don't mind.
Looking at wedding pictures.
Nice fruit basket.

 More kisses.

 We unwrapped a baby!

 Thursday, Aden had friends over.
I took Noah to the market.  His first time in a shopping cart and he loved it.  Flirting with everyone!
Christmas morning, Ariel came down looking to see if Santa left her anything.  
A couple of presents for each kid.

 Just so they don't think they didn't get presents because they were bad or something.
 Scooting around.  
 The neighbors came over and I made breakfast.  
 Then we all went to see Star Wars!  
 Luke Skywalker!  It was a really good movie.  Kind of sad but so well made.
 A light saber fight between Aden and Ben.

 While we were at the movie, Ariel and Eva went to the playground.

Christmas dinner was Chinese of course.
 The boys tried the food.

 Eva loves her cousin.
 Ariel walked around talking to everyone.  The old couple next to us seemed annoyed at all the kids running around and were giving us dirty looks.  Ariel just loves everyone and went over and sat down with them.  She totally won them over!
 Another cake for Eva's birthday.