Monday, October 31, 2011

Earle and Leanna

Saturday night, I went to Earle and Leanna's wedding. Earle works with me. It was a second marriage for both. Thankfully, it was at their house, which is around the corner from mine or else I might not have made it in the snow. It was also a costume wedding! Amy did not go.

Hanging out before the ceremony.

The whole wedding was supposed to be outside as who could have expected several inches of snow? They heated the tent and we had the ceremony out there.

Another guy from work built the castle.

The boys anxiously waiting.

Here comes the girls.

Earle's daughter.

Leanna with her sons.

The justice of the peace did a nice job.

The party was moved into the house.

People really got dressed up!

The cake.

Some portraits.

The whole wedding party!

Chocolate covered pretzel shots!


First dance.

Where is that garter?

We all had a great time, especially this guy!

Winter Wonderland

It's Monday. The calm after the storm. What was that? I'm going to post some storm pictures, then in a little while post some wacky wedding pictures so check back soon!

Friday, I picked up Aden from school and he was playing with Chloe and Finn like the old days.

Saturday morning, the light snow started.

Aden was a bit confused.

Time to go to the doctor for our flu shot!

But first, we need our winter coat!

Snow tastes good!

He cried for a minute and hot me, like it was my fault. Quick lunch at Moish and Itzy's.

Driving home was a bit scary. Cars were sliding everywhere.

Our street.

October 29! Wow! Check back soon for those wedding pics.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Golf Balls?

Yes, it's random picture Friday again. It's also way too cold for October. It will be nice in Vegas next week, low 80's.

Aden wanted to go find Ava, Michael and Jason.

Not home :-(

Found their stash of golf balls.

Having way too much fun at school! There are Chloes on both sides of him!

He will follow Chloe anywhere.

Batman vs. the Joker!