Sunday, April 30, 2023

Denny's Trip

It's a rainy Sunday night.  We had a very slow and quiet weekend.  We got to sleep in both days!  It was rainy so we felt like being lazy.  

I forgot a few pictures from a week ago Friday night.  Amy was out for a girl's night so I took the twins to their favorite place.  Dominick's in Washington's Crossing.  They were so excited to eat.  
We all missed this place.  
Then we went to walk along the Delaware River near Bowman's Hill.  This is where we used to hang out during the quarantine.  The boys sort of remembered it.  
Cute even with Eli's blue mouth from his ice cream.
You can see Bowman's Tower at the top of the hill.  
Sheep anyone?

Ok, now we can start last weekend.  Noah had a soccer game.  

Some visitors.  
They were beat pretty soundly.  The other team we really good.  That made Noah really upset.  
That afternoon, we made our annual pilgrimage to Denny's kids clothes in New Jersey about an hour away.   
It was time to get our camp and summer stuff.  
Melissa and Eva came with us.  
Ariel in her happy place.  Where to begin?  
Just as we got there, the Sixers won their 4th straight game over the Nets to move onto the next round in the playoffs.  
Shopping time!
Even Aden picked out some things.  

Looking good Aden!  
People's camp boxes ready to ship out!
We had a crossover in sitters.  Margot helped in the afternoon and Allison at night so Amy I could meet Jason and Natalie at Vecchia.  


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Sea Turtle and Asian Elephant

It's Thursday night.  Just got back from a carnival with the twins.  That was fun.  

Last Friday, Amy and I went to school to see the second grade presentations.  
First, it was Noah's room.  
The kids sang us a song.  

Then Noah presented his power point on sea turtles.  He did a great job.  

More of Noah's work.  

Then we went to Eli's room and got a preview of his presentation on the Asian elephant.  
Eli did his power point.  

We got to see some of Ariel's work.  
Ariel did some cheering with her friends.  

Gifted new.  
Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Ridiculous Wednesday

Last Wednesday night was insane.  At the same time, Aden had Hebrew School, Ariel had physical therapy, Noah soccer and Eli tennis!  We were going in 4 directions at once!  Here's Ariel at PT for her back.  
Boy that cheer is tough on these girls.  

A few picks from soccer.  

Eli started tennis at the rec center.  He did well and liked it.  
Thursday morning, Eli Musk launched a very large rocket.  
Which exploded shortly thereafter.  
Eli at school.  
Ariel had cheer that night.  
Working on tucks.  

Later that night, there was a synagogue men's club event at Top Golf.  Here is Howard about to swing.  
We had fun eating, talking and playing.  
Such a fun place.  Need to go back soon.