Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ariel Day 1

It's late Wednesday night. I'm home with Aden and the girls are at the hospital. They are coming home tomorrow! Since I didn't sleep last night, I'm about to pass out so I will just share some of the pictures from the first 24 hours.

Baby Girl

We had a great day. Ariel, that was a very tough decision, has been very cute. She likes to look around and has not cried at all. Aden came for a visit early and was very excited to meet her. He just stared at her and smiled. I got some great pictures. After that, I took Aden to school then came back. I'm going to sleep home with Aden tonight. Mark and Melissa did a great job with him last night and this morning. Melissa was with us during the delivery so Mark actually got him to bed. We love all the comments on Facebook. Those of you not on it should really check it out! We will be home sometime Thursday!

Ariel Blair Wexler

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby Girl Wexler

She's here! It's 11 pm on Tuesday and I am trying this on my phone. We went to the hospital at 5 to get the gel so Amy could be induced tomorrow. She was 5 cm dilated already! They admitted us and we were pushing by 8:45. A half hour later we got our beautiful baby girl! She's great so far. Looking around, smiling. We are going up to Lenfest soon. I will write more later!


It's 11 am Tuesday. Just thought I would throw up some more pictures since the future is so uncertain. The regular contractions she was having earlier stopped and now they are more sporadic. Looks like it might be tomorrow after all.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Sorry for the short post, running around trying to get ready. Seems as if the real contractions may have started! (it's about 8 am on Tuesday).

Friday morning, we returned my old car.

Then we went into the City to see Alex's new apartment, which was very cool. We then went over to Sabrina's for lunch. Amy and I really miss it there.

Italian Market

Frank Rizzo

It was a nice day and really great to be back in the old neighborhood!

This is what Aden looks like in the back of my car. I will keep you all updated, this might be the day!