Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pig or Bear?

We had fun in New York today.  Those pictures will be up Friday.  Back to Sunday.  After the beach, Aden was a big help cleaning all the sand off.  Of course to him it was just another gun to shoot.

 Cooper wanted to play.

 That night, we went to JoJo's for dinner with everyone.  
 We celebrated Amy's birthday, our anniversary and Amy's parent's 40th anniversary!

 When we got back, the kids passed right out so we went to Maynards!  We fit right in with all the 20 year olds!    
 Monday morning, Jason and Rachel stopped by.  Aden always has fun with Jason.
 Then we went to visit Lynn, Alex and their new baby Lilly.
 Amy gave her lots of advice.
 Then we went to my grandmother's condo to swim.  Ariel was all ready.  I assumed she was a pig, Amy says she's a bear.

 My grandmother has her Yiddush games.
 It was a nice day at the pool.  After 2 days, we were beached out.
 Aden jumped right in.

 We had a nice afternoon, but it was time to think about heading home.
 The traffic was bad around dinner time so we decided to stay a little later.  We walked over to Juniors for a quick dinner.
 Aden wanted to see the boats.
 We ended up leaving around 8:00.  The Expressway traffic was still bad so we took the Black Horse Pike.  No traffic at all!  Made it home in an hour and a half.  It's Wednesday night and we have finally finished unpacking!  Just in time to pack again for Friday!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Yesterday was Ariel's 6 month birthday!!!  She has been so much fun lately.  She loves to play, especially with Aden.  We were throwing a ball around last night and she was squealing with delight.  She's going to be walking and talking before we know it!  She's also doing better with the solids.  She couldn't get enough squash last night!

 Back to Saturday.  After the beach, I took Aden to the Dairy Bar while Amy and Melissa got their nails done because we were going out to dinner for Amy's birthday.  Yes, Saturday was Amy's birthday!  I really wanted her to have a relaxing day but it was actually pretty tough.  We were looking forward to going out without the kids but sadly, that was not to be.  Ariel is starting to teeth and it took a couple of hours, well past our reservation time, to get her to stop crying and fall asleep.  We ended up walking over to Lamberti's and having dinner after 10!  Even though the day didn't exactly work out as planned, I hope Amy knows we all love her!

 Sunday morning, Judy, Steve and Alex stopped by.  Sunday was also our 5th Anniversary!!!  I will talk more about that later.

 Ariel loves the dogs.
 It was a beautiful weekend.  No rain.
 Back to the beach!

 Sitting around.

 Very crowded.
 Just realized I haven't been in very many pictures.
 Ice cream man!!!

 Everyone had a nice day.