Sunday, July 31, 2016

Green Shag Foot

It's Sunday night.  Week six of camp starts tomorrow.  It's carnival week!  Whatever that means.  Tomorrow is the first day of August and my dad's birthday!  Happy Birthday dad!  We had a busy weekend at the shore.  Had lots of company.  But let's go back to last week.  I'm actually ahead of where I usually am.  These pictures will take us through Wednesday.

Boys being silly.

Ariel likes to play doctor.
I went to see the podiatrist for the first time in 20 years.  He was my neighbor and worked out of his house, so it was a total time warp.  Nothing has changed, ever!
Not even the green shag carpet foot on the wall from the 70's!
Friends of ours had visiting day at camp earlier in the week than us and they sent us this picture.
The kids went to sleep at the neighbors.  I had to go keep an eye on them.

The next night, we met Melissa at Amy's parent's house to check out the pool!  I had not been in this pool in at least 5 years.
Eli seemed to enjoy it.

Where are you going?
Ariel and Eva took turns diving.  Ariel was scared at first.
A pic of me!
Taking a phone break.

He's got his girls!

Ariel got more comfortable.

Then started jumping herself off the diving board!

Eva's turn!

Some pizza outside.  It was a nice night.
Aden wasn't with us because he had his late night at camp.  We picked him up at 8.  He had a great time.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cooler by the Sea

It's Thursday night and all is quiet.  The babies were a mess tonight and cried for hours.  They went right to sleep so they must have been ready.  It's one thing to take care of a baby but it's really crazy when you have to take care of two.  I guess there is no real way to prepare yourself for it.  The babies are sweet and funny and we love them but it's just so hard.  They are non-stop and get into everything!  They do make us laugh though.

So, we were at the shore last Sunday and saw the forecast for Monday at home.  100 degrees and humid.  It was going to me much cooler at the shore and we know the kids would have been unhappy at camp, so we stayed over.  (we later talked to people at camp and they said it was miserable there).  Monday morning, I took the older kids over to visit my cousins who were in from all around the country.  One even brought his new puppy.
Ariel and Aden were excited to see their cousins.
 The older kids were on their iPads of course.

 Back to get Amy and the babies and go swimming.
 Ariel and I took a quick trip to the Dairy Bar.
Ariel was nice enough to share her ice cream.

 Enjoy that Eli?
 Noah and I being silly.

 We took a quick dip but I mostly stayed on the porch with the cool sea breeze.

Babies are up from their nap.

 He looks cute here.
 Ariel shared her lollipop.
 We drove home right into a crazy thunderstorm.  The sky got black fast.  There were times I could not see but we thankfully made it home safely.
 The kids were wound up from the storm and wanted to play.  It's great to see them all together having fun.  Have a great weekend!