Monday, October 31, 2016

Dr. Brian

We survived another Halloween.  The kids had fun all weekend and today with their activities.  Ariel asked if Halloween was over. Wasn't all that enough? What was all that you ask?  You will find out when I catch up with the pictures.  The funny thing is Aden and Ariel really think they are going to get to eat any of that candy.  

Let's finish off last weekend and start off the week.  We had a brunch with family.  It was too nice to stay inside.

Trying to get a shot of the young cousins.  

This is Ariel's view from the third row of my car.  I love when I find pictures she taken.
That night it was still too nice to stay inside.

Up to the school to play.

Now that was fun!
I caught the kids playing with each other from above.

Drop off is always fun, Ariel gets to see her friends and I get to see mine!
The twins went to the dentist.  Dr. Brian was a bit concerned with Eli and his binkie.  
All clean!
Eli loved brushing the dragon's teeth.
The boys got into a bit of trouble.

But still got some prizes for being good boys.
Ariel had gymnastics and I got to try out the new photo update to the iPhone.  
Portraits!  Above is the actual picture, below has the background blurred in the portrait mode to make it seem like it was taken with a DSLR.
Fun in class.
Jump Ariel!
Pay attention Ariel!

Yippee, I'm done, I'm going to go eat more candy...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pink Mask

It's way too late Sunday night and the Eagles are barely hanging onto a lead.  We are in the 4th so I may have to rewrite this part before I'm done.  Last night was also a late night.  We didn't get back from the wedding till after 1.  It's getting harder to function if I don't get to bed at a decent hour.  In a few days, I will explain how this one of the greatest weekends of Aden's life!  Let's get back to last weekend.  

This post is all about Ariel.  She had Olivia's birthday party at Bounce U, one of my least favorite places.  Olivia wanted the kids to dress up as super heroes.  Ariel was a last minute Wonder Woman.  

 Pre-jumping instructions.  
 Here we go!
 It wasn't too long ago that I had to carry Ariel up here.  Now she doesn't even look back.

 Ariel loves her buddy Chloe.
 This thing is hard.  You run up the slippery slope and try and get the flags to stick on the velcro spots.  Chloe got really high.

 Someone is having fun!

 Noah and I in the spirit.
 Ariel still does not like this big jump.
 Miss Attitude.  She's only 4.  Wish us luck!

 Ariel was cranky by this point.

 Awesome cake!
 We stopped by synagogue for Sukkapalooza, whatever that was supposed to be.  Sammy and Nate were there watching a magic show.

Aden was there earlier with Amy and the twins.  They left by the time we got there.