Friday, February 27, 2009

Aden Meet Mickey

Sorry for the late posting today. Bill was nice enough to bring Aden back a Mickey Mouse from Disney World. Of course Aden loved him!

We decided to go out to pick up some food from South Street Souvlaki.

Aden of course came for the ride. It was really warm out but South Street was quiet. I'm going to miss being able to do this!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Breezy Point

This morning Amy and I went to visit a potential day care center/pre-school called Breezy Point in Langhorne.  Amy's cousins Alex and Justin went there so Amy wanted to check it out. It's quite a complex.  Many buildings, some dating back to the 1880's spread over 85 acres.  The places we have visited before we were in and out in a couple of minutes. This was a 2 hour presentation!  If anyone has any insight we would appreciate it.  It looks like a very friendly place, they remembered Justin and Alex 15 years later.  They were showing us the 3 and 4 year olds and all they were doing, which is extremely relevant to our 7 month old.  Anyway, we still need to figure out the cost...

Last night Amy attempted to feed Aden with the dogs hovering around.  

Aden loves to watch the dogs.

Jenny makes sure she gets some!

Amazingly he doesn't cry when a 100 lb. dog licks him.

Bath time!  Because of spitting up and the dogs, Aden has been getting a bath almost every day.

I always love the way he looks after a bath.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now She Wants New Clothes

Tuesday, Amy had to go to school to observe the teacher she is replacing so she dropped off Aden with me at work for a little.  He loved his new walker.  Maybe he's getting over his shyness.  He was smiling at everyone!

I think he's getting my hair with Amy's coloring.

Here's quick peek at our closets as they were being installed.  Now Amy wants new clothes and shoes to fill up the space!

At night, Aden was mastering taking my glasses off my face.  He smirks when he does it so I think he knows he's being bad.

He is definetely enjoying his baths more.  He even looks at his waterproof book.

I may have mentioned that Aden suddenly has two teeth!  We heard that it might be difficult for him but we didn't notice anything different.  Now he just needs one on top and he can start eating those ribs!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Liana!

Last night I was without Aden :-(  I was feeling a little sick, so Amy stayed at her parent's house with him.  The house is so quiet without them.  Sunday we had Liana's third Birthday party.  It was Aden's second party in a week!  He's becoming quite the party animal.  

My buds.  Jaime, Mark, Adam and Andy.  It was awesome for us all to be together.  It doesn't happen enough these days.  It's also amazing we all have kids around the same ages.

Aden was grooving on the dance floor!  He gets his moves from daddy!

Aden's girlfriend Devin.  Hopefully Rylee and Reese won't see this, they might get jealous!

Searching around for balloons!

Go Amanda Go!

The kids and adults all had a great time!

Plenty of pizza, chicken fingers and fries for everyone.  With the cake, they hit all 4 food groups!

The birthday girl and her cousin.

Diego came to visit!

Aden was mesmerized.

Bring out the cake!

The party was right near Melissa and Mark's place so of course Aden wanted to visit them!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aden and the Twins

It's Sunday night and we are getting ready to watch the Academy Awards.  Since the only movie we saw this year was Slumdog, I guess we have to root for it.  Sorry for the lack of pictures but I got lazy.  We actually did some stuff which would have made good pictures, oh well.  I guess sometimes it's just more important to enjoy myself and be in the moment and not worry about the camera.  These pictures are from Friday.  I met Amy for lunch at the Club House Diner in Bensalem.

Look at Aden in the chair!  He's really starting to get comfortable!  What we have learned is Aden doesn't need all the fancy toys.  Just give him some sugar packets and he is all set.

Friday night, we took Aden to Shabbat services at Beth Am.  He looked really cute in his outfit but I didn't take any pictures at services because you are not supposed to use the camera on Shabbat.  He was the only baby there, of course, but he was good and sat on our laps and listened.  He really liked the music.  We then went to someone's house for dinner.  One of the congregants had volunteered to make dinner for about 25 strangers.  Again Aden was the only baby.  Everyone wanted to hold him, which made it easier for us to eat.  We ha such a good time that we got home after 10, which was way past Aden's bedtime.  That he didn't handle well.  When he gets over tired, it's harder for him to fall asleep.

It took him a while to fall asleep, but once he did, he slept through the night.

Good morning Aden!  Get ready for another big day!

We ran around shopping.  Poor Aden was stuck in his car seat for hours again.  His feet are just getting past the end of the infant car seat.  It will make our lives harder when we have to switch to the real car seat.  We had lunch at a supposed 50's cafe near Doylestown.  It wasn't very good.  We came back and Aden wanted to play.

Aden was concentrating so hard!

Saturday night Aden had another date with Rylee and Reese.  Rose and Randy were nice enough to have us over for dinner.  The girls are about four months and have such cute personalities already.  They were watching Aden and he couldn't take his eyes off of them.  Randy is already starting to get nervous!

Rose and Randy and the girls.  Their bibs said "If you think I'm cute than you should see my twin!"

Sunday morning we compared Aden to Amy's baby picture.  I keep meaning to post more of our baby pictures.  We went to Liana's third birthday party.  More on that later...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shabbat Shalom

It's Friday!  Tonight we are going to services, then having Shabbat dinner at someone's house.  That should be nice.  This picture is from last night before Aden's bath.

This is how I found Aden this morning.  

He was up but it still took him a little while to get going, sounds like his mommy.

Almost up!

Hey there!

All ready for the day.