Monday, April 29, 2013

Avery's Birthday

Saturday afternoon, Aden and I baked a cake.
 Yummy.  I had two mixes sitting around that were about to expire so why not?
Then we had Avery's 1st birthday party at Danielle's Expresso Cafe in Maple Glen.  Howard took this picture.  Came out nice.
Ariel was so excited that it was a music party.
 She was no Ms. Marilyn but she was still good.
 It's strange hearing the different songs and even the same songs with different tunes.

 He was my neighbor growing up!  Small world.
 The proud parents with the birthday girl.
 I think she looks like me.
 It took Aden a little while to warm up but then he got into it.
 Ariel did everything.


 Pretty soon he will have 2 daughters!
 Avery had her own smash cake.
 The daddies.
 Aden ended up on the phone of course.  He was a good boy though.  It's hard when there aren't any kids his age.
 Ariel has another boyfriend!  They are exactly the same age.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clean Siding

We had a nice weekend.  Got some stuff done and a decent amount of relaxing.  Ariel has started changing her dolls diapers!  All on her own.  Too cute.
 Long overdue haircut.

 Great job Curtis.

 We got the house power washed.  
 The kids were fascinated.  The house looks way better.  It was so dirty.
 T-Ball!   The game was at 12 rather than early in the morning as the rest have been.  It was way closer to the nap time for these kids and it showed.  They had trouble focusing.

 "Go Aden!"  The kids were chanting.



 Posing on the bases.

 Ariel is the team mascot!

 Lilly shared her glasses.
Aden making a play in the field.

 Good job Aden!
 I love how the hat is often cockeyed.

 Jake's mom was the second base coach.
 There's that hat again.
 The other team was really serious.  Before the game, they were running sprints.  They all have their own batting helmets and bats.
 Good game.
Aden's favorite part.  Rolling down the hill.