Monday, March 31, 2014

What Are You Making Aden?

Well we are in the middle of something not fun.  I have had a lingering cold for a couple of weeks and Ariel still has not really gotten better from her Disney sickness but Sunday night Aden got really sick so I stayed home with him Monday.  We hear there is a virus going around.  He felt bad all day and then Ariel got worse tonight.  I'm also really tired of coughing.  

Anyway, back to Benjamin's party on Saturday.  It was at Creation Station in Newtown.  We had never been there.  I was glad for a different kind of party but working with the clay was a little hard for the 5/6 year olds.  I could barely follow her directions.  Something about making the thickness of the clay less than your thumb but thicker than your pinky.

 Aden worked hard at it.

 All the parents had to help.
 There's the birthday boy.

 Here is Aden's dragon.
 Here is Benjamin's dad's dragon.  
 Who is done painting?
 Jack posing with the creations.

 The boys had fun messing around.  

 All the kids in his class have Spring or Summer birthdays so we have some busy weekends coming up.

 Aden actually encouraged this.
 That night we had a sitter and met Brody's parents for dinner at Mt. Fuji.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where is Noah?

It's Sunday night and it hasn't stopped raining for three days.  I guess thirty seven more and we will need an ark.  Back to Friday.  Mark drove out to Pittsburgh for his grandmother's funeral.  She passed during the week.  We are so sad for his family, they lost his grandfather so recently also.  Melissa and Eva along with my family came for dinner.
 We tried out the Bumbo.  She's a bit young but she did great!

 Eva loves Ariel's old seat.  
 Yummy food from Maggios.  My grandmother is going to be 94 in two weeks!  Doesn't look a day over 87! (actually 67)
 Of course Ariel had to hold baby Eva.

 Eva, who is your best friend?
 Cousin Ariel!
 Aunt Bev's turn.
 Tired from being passed around.  As you can guess, I don't have a lot of pictures from the weekend so I'm stretching them out.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Hit


It's Thursday night and time for random pictures of the week for those of you who are left.  Sadly my audience seems to be dwindling but I will persevere as I am doing this for the kids.  

Hey Eva!
My friends Jason was in New Orleans this week and sent this.  I miss it there.
This was also in New Orleans and pretty funny.  I'm sure they are serious.
 Busy with homework.
For some reason she was putting on deodorant.

 So we got window treatments in our bedroom.  I will kind of miss the $20 shades from Home Depot.  
 Ariel helped with the installation.
 They came out nice.
 Totally changes the feel of the room.  
 Ariel classmate just got back from China with penguin cookies.
 Eva had a hot date.  He is like a week old!
 Baseball is back!  Although it's no longer t-ball.  It's pitch!  We went back to the same field by Holland Middle for practice.  It was about 40 degrees and freezing!  Not exactly baseball weather.  Aden was excited to be with all his buddies from school and soccer.  
 Run the bases.
 Ariel was feeling sick.  Her fever was back.  It's crazy.  She had no fevers for 2 years but over the past 6 weeks we've lost count with how many she's had.  We took her to the doctor and he said it might be teething this time but she had some fluid in the ears.  
 Aden's first at bat.  Jake's dad and sister helped him.
 So serious.  
 I will have to play this video for you.  He got a great hit then says, "I didn't think I would ever do that!"
 Action shot, the ball is coming!
 Run Aden!  It was way too cold.  I actually sat in the car most of the time.  It better get warmer!  Have a great weekend!