Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camp Visitation 1

It's Tuesday night.  We have been trying to hang out with the neighbors in the early evening but it's so buggy.  We are watching the Crown season 2 while I'm typing this.  We are lost.  Why did Elizabeth send Phillip away for 6 months?  Anyway, back to last week.

Someone sent us this picture from camp.  All smiles!
 Amy and I took Aden out to dinner at Harvest while Ariel had a play date.
 We picked up Ariel at her friend Ashley's house.

 Eli enjoying his breakfast.  
 Visiting day at Southampton Summer Day Camp.  
 First we saw Ariel at dance club.  
 They were practicing for the show.

 Then we saw Aden playing dodgeball.  
 Then Ariel had swim.
 There's Sammy!

 More smiles.

 Snack time with Aden's bunk.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Welcome Israel!

It's Monday night and it's actually cold out.  The high was 78 today.  Not sure why the AC is still cranking but it is.  Back to last weekend.  Sunday morning the boys modeled their new hats.  
They got some ice cream at Bubbie's house.
 Ariel looks like a ghost!
 Pool time fun.

 Love those snacks.

Ariel and I got some cuddle time on the porch.
 Heading back to our place.
 The view out the back.  Count the bunnies!
 Are you guys going to watch daddy grill?

 Dinner time!
 The kids were nice and quiet in front of the tv.
 Uh Noah, don't hit your brother.
 We decided to stay over Sunday night.  It's nice not to have to run home.
 We got to relax.
 My new baby cousin Israel!
This week was visiting week at camp.  Jason's mom went Monday and sent this picture.
 No camp for the twins on Mondays.
Helping with the groceries.
 Basketball in the rain.
 Finn was begging for a playdate.
 Yummy rice for dinner.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Happy Birthday Lucy!

It's Sunday night and Amy and I back from a crazy couple of days.  We went to Boston for a wedding!  My cousin Eric married Jennie last night in Cambridge.  I used to live in Boston so I was really excited to go.  We had a blast.  I will share those pics soon.  The kids had their own adventures while we were away.  None other than Mrs. Maria watched them and she is nothing but fun!  Back to last weekend at the shore.  It was Saturday and the girls just found out they were going to be in Alex's wedding.  We then headed to the playground.  
 It's makes us nervous when they climb up there.

 We ran into people we knew, of course.
 The it was time for Juniors Doughnuts!
 Look at that smile.
 Elaine, Ed, Adam and Brianna stopped by to hang.  It was nice to see them.  Adam took my guitar and just messed around, but he sounded great!  
 Sandy came over too and brought gifts for the kids.

 That night Allison sat so Amy and I were able to get out for dinner.  We went to Tomatoes because Melissa was going there with friends and Amy's cousins were also going to be there.  After we ate, they all joined us.  We also knew a bunch of other people.  It was a very happening scene.  We spent hours just talking.  
 Back to our house with Melissa and their friends.  It was pouring!
 We got soaked!
 Eli woke up and joined us for a drink.
 Ok, Sunday morning Eli got up with me to exercise.  He just forgot his pants.
 They caused some havoc.
 We walked over to check out Lucy's birthday party.  People were already at the new mini golf course.  
 Lucy the Elephant's 137th birthday party!

 Nice view of her butt.
 We ran into Alan and Ina and the kids.  We hadn't seen them in quite a while.  
 It was such a nice surprise!

 Back to my place to the kids could play a little.

 I think the twins met their match!