Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cousins Everywhere

It's the night before the last day of the year!  Wow!  Hope you all have fun plans.  We are going out to dinner in New Hope with another couple and hopefully will find some trouble to get into after!

Back to Saturday afternoon.  Most of these pictures are Bev's.  My cousins from LA and Boston came to hang.  It's only a couple of times a year, which is not enough, so we go as crazy as we can!  
It was like 60 degrees!  It was great we got to play outside.

My grandmother and her 8 great grandchildren.

Little Jake.
Ariel had fun running around with the kids.
Watch out for the robot Dylan!

 Then things moved upstairs to the playroom.
Finally time to eat.
 I brought out the cotton candy machine.  That was a big hit.
 We will miss everyone.  Next time we are all together it will be close to Labor Day at the Shore!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can I Hold Baby Eva?

Well that was a crazy weekend.  I think we will be cleaning the house for a while.  We had 2 very large get togethers.  One family one friends.  It's late Sunday night and I'm half watching the Eagles game because it's driving me crazy.  They couldn't just have won one more game during the season so they wouldn't have to put us through this?  

Friday night, Melissa and Mark left the baby with Daisy to take Amy and I out to dinner to thank us for helping with the baby.  That was nice.  They also needed the night out.  We had a regular sitter but it's been a while for her so Ariel didn't really remember her.  Poor Sydney had a tough time with both the kids.  We were able to stop by Melissa's house for a few minutes to see Eva before we had to run home.  Amy was excited to feed her.  Burghy is curious but being really good about the whole thing.

 Burp time!
 Saturday morning I hit 30,000 miles.  Just over 2 years.  Where and I driving?
 I don't normally like to do this, but I am skipping Saturday afternoon for now and going right to Saturday night.  We went back to Melissa's for dinner.  Eva was asleep as usual.

Mark's family was there!  Marsha showed the kids some wedding pictures.
 Daisy and Ariel discussed Eva's welcome home sign.
 She's awake!
 Finally, the kids got to hold her!  It's all they had been talking about all week.

 The kids starting fighting over her so that was the end of that.
 A kiss for Burghy.  We all have to make sure he gets plenty of attention.
 I'm guessing this closet will fill up quickly!
 Good night Eva!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Little Sixer

Sorry, a little late today.  Here are some random pics from the week.  

Playdate with Sammy!

Aden is in the middle of a three day Sixers basketball camp.  I dropped him off day one, he was hanging on to my leg.  A little scared to go.  Not Ariel.  She grabbed a ball and started dribbling with the big kids!

 The little guys went to a different room.  He ended up having a great time!
 That bagel is bigger than you!
 Our champ!
 Look who is here.  Adam and Brianna!  Adam is so big already!  He will be 13 in the Spring.
 Brianna loved playing with Ariel.

 Through the tunnel.
 Ready to go, all I need is Eva!
 Trying his stencils that Santa brought.
 Basketball day 2.
 Ariel enjoyed car shopping.