Sunday, March 31, 2013

Apple Tech Support

It's Sunday night and the weekend didn't exactly work out as expected.  We had plans to go out Saturday night but the baby got sick again!  That also cancelled our Sunday brunch with Larry and Becky and probably kept anyone else away!  The Apple Store has my old and new computers since Thursday and cannot seem to figure out how to migrate my pictures.  I tried for a week and gave up.  They are about to give up.  They have no idea what the problem is.  They tried many ways to move the huge 700gb picture file but you have to wait like 10 hours each time before you realize it failed.  Those pictures are obviously so incredibly important to me.  I hope it works out.  I'm typing this on my very old Macbook.  I was hoping to pick them up over the weekend.  Oh well.

Friday morning, I finally made it to work.  Amy and her family took the kids and dogs to the playground.  

We had a half day so I met them at Tony's for lunch.
At least we have on child that will eat the crust!
 Jason came to play.  I set up the pitching machine.
 Amy gave the batting lessons.  No comment.
Aden, that's a golf club!  Actually, both the boys did well.

 Quickly becoming a little lady.

 Back outside.

 Dusted off the bikes.
 Ariel only wanted to be pushed around.
 He's fitting his bike better.
 Training them young.
 Ironing is next!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Are Back!!!

Well, it's Thursday night and finally the end of the sickness for us, but sadly not for everyone.  People all around us seem to be sick now.  Best wishes to everyone!  Not something you want to go through if you can somehow avoid it.  These are some random pictures that I took through the delirium...

This was the extent of Tuesday.  Amy, Aden and I in bed together mostly sleeping and sometimes eating popsicles.  Ariel was with Amy's parents and probably got her mom sick.
Wednesday we were able to get outside a little.

Someone wants to help cook!
 Keeping busy with no energy.  What did people do before iPhones?
 These are all mixed up.  I'm not sure what day was what.
 There was a lot of Pedialyte consumed here this week.

 Yum.  Passover pops.
 I think Passover will start for me Friday now that I can eat again.  I will stay away from all matzoh products though.  My tummy will not be able to handle them this year.
Bouncy bouncy.
 Ariel wants to play Skylanders as bad as Aden now.
 A bag of clothes to give away.  We were a little productive this week.
 Yeah.  We feel better!
 This might be hard to read but I got this email.
Some more pictures of Aden in "Hawaii"

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Still recovering but much better.  This is the last of the pictures I have.  I will have to take some tonight for tomorrow or else there won't be anything for you!  Monday morning was the calm before the storm!  Actually, I take that back.  The calm before the sickness storm but not the...
 snow storm!!!
 This was unexpected.  Happy Spring!

 Aden snuck his phone to school.  
 He wrote this to his buddy Jake.
My car is the black one all the way in the distance.  It slid down the hill on it's own.  Scary!
When I went to pick up Aden, it was just as I left him.  They were watching Wreck it Ralph.
 Then it was time for Seder at my parent's house.
 My dad likes to run the service.
 Almost 93!
 Ariel paid very close attention.
 You dip the celery in what?
 Aden isn't quite ready for the Four Questions.  He's starting Hebrew School at Shir Ami in the Fall so maybe next year?
 MMMMM.  Fluffy matzah balls.

 I miss being at the kid's table.
 Nice doggie.

 He said he was surfing.

 She's getting good at Connect Four!
 Les Miserables!