Friday, September 30, 2016

Soccer Models

Soccer last weekend.  Someone said they look like sports models.
Ariel had Lily and was thrilled.
 Some action shots.

 Aden likes to be in the middle of things.

 Jake did a great job in goal.
 Aden and his buddies.  I hope we can keep the crew together for baseball in the Spring.  
 Ariel loves to play with Kyleigh.

 The field they play on is almost full sized.  This is the view we have.  All the closeup shots are with a telephoto lens.  

 Kyleigh looks so serious.

 I love watching the interactions between the boys.
 The Knights were big winners again!
 Team meeting.  
 We then took a ride to the shore.  Thankfully the kids were good and there was no traffic.  We were supposed to do family portraits but it didn't happen.
 Let's play around with beds.

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dog Man

It's Wednesday night.  Poor Amy caught the cold the babies had so she's in bed.  I'm trying to get the house together because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.  Tonight we all went to Aden's class art exhibit at a frozen yogurt place.  People kept saying to us they think it's so amazing that we can get out.  I guess you do what you have to do to not be shut ins.  It's good to get everyone out of the house no matter how difficult.  Speaking of difficult...

To all those people that told us that Eli must have learned his lesson after he grabbed the hot flat iron...
Amy took the babies to a playground.

 Aden went with grandmom to meet an author of children's books.  Dog Man from the author of Captain Underpants.
This one is more like a comic book.  He's been reading it on his own.
 Uh, what are you doing Noah?


 Ariel has her own twins.

 Cheerios for everyone.

 Soon enough Ariel will be walking with Aden and the neighbors to school.

 Have fun guys!
 Happy baby.

 What's he singing?

 Yummy warm brownie with ice cream.