Thursday, March 29, 2018

Big Volcano

It's Thursday night.  This is a big weekend coming up for everyone with Easter and Passover.  Did you all enjoy the warm weather today?  We played outside a lot!  Here's a quick post to end the week.  This was what it looked like last Friday, two days after the last snowstorm.
 Ariel went to school all dressed up and there was no one else there!  Her teacher didn't even show up so she went to another class.
 The boys had almost a full class though.
 It was dinosaur week and their teacher made a huge volcano!

The parents with three year olds were getting those kids to school no matter what!
 Playing in the basement.

 They are the silliest boys.
 Not sure what's going on with Eli.
 My girl loves her ribs.
 Back to the iPads.  Don't worry, we eventually take them away.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Fourth Nor'Easter

It's Wednesday night.  We have a ton of trash bags to to take out and it's going to be rainy.  I hate that.  Finally did my taxes today.  I find it so traumatic but at least it's done.  I prepaid my Margate taxes because that was the thing to do in December because of the new tax code but it turns out it didn't matter.  We are going into night 2 without a binky for Eli.  He has asked for it from time to time but usually gives up pretty quickly.  This could be it!  Let's go back to last week's snowstorm.  

Kind of like the storm before, it wasn't too bad in the morning but we didn't have school anyway.  
 Stuck in the house we had to keep the kids busy.

 It was a quiet day.  
 The story of this Winter.  
 The snow did finally pick up.
 Winter wonderland.

 The boys took a long nap.  
 I jumped in Noah's crib to hang out.
Noah's view of Eli.
 Back to the iPads.
 Aden wanted to measure the snow.
 I think it was around 8" at this point.  It got over 10.  

 The guys we hired to plow came around 8pm but it snowed until like 3 am so there was a decent amount of snow on the driveway in the morning.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pirate Day, the First Day of Spring

It's Tuesday night.  The older kids are still staying up too late.  We are finishing off Hollywood Week on Idol and it's after 10.  It's also the first night Eli went to bed without a binky.  Wish us luck on that one.  Aden is now on Spring Break but the other's have a couple more days.  Not that we are going anywhere.  We can't even go to the shore because we are having the Passover seder here Saturday and need to get ready.  Back to last week.

Playing in the basement.  Aden is back into video games.  
 Eli just wanted to shoot me.

 Hiding in the bath.  
There's Eli!
 Pirate Day at Kindergarten.
 Since when do Pirates go to school?

 Yummy snacks!

 We always have to make lunch.  Her teacher never gets them real food at their parties.
 They went on a treasure hunt!
 It was the first day of Spring so they have free water ice at Ritas.  But look closely at my hair.  It was snowing!  On the first day of Spring!  Not fair!
 I went to Toys R Us to use up our last gift cards.  I got the twins some Transformers they could transform themselves and Aden an XBox!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Swan Lake

It's Monday night.  I'm not sure why I'm posting so many pictures here because I will be short for the rest of the week.  Oh well.  We are all still in shock about what happened yesterday.  I think it will take a while.  Eli would not even get in Amy's car.  Back again to happier times.  

Twin hugs!
 Music class.  
 Amy wants to stop going.  I think she's crazy.  They love it.  
 Rain stick.  Miss Marilyn's daughter got married yesterday!  We just saw some pics on Facebook.  
 It's fun to build things.

 Amy took the boys to their gym class.  
Luckily she got a few pictures.  

Ariel had a big day with my sister and parents at the Pennsylvania Ballet seeing Swan Lake.  
These are Bev's pictures.  They had a great time!

 This is Angel the head of the ballet.
 These are some of the dancers.

Yummy dinner afterwards.