Sunday, May 31, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It's now Sunday night and we have finally gotten Aden to sleep and almost finished unpacking from another busy Shore weekend. The packing and driving is starting to lose it's charm.

Friday morning, Aden was getting into trouble.

He so knows he is being bad.

I took him to work. Only a few more weeks of daddy day care. We went to the Clubhouse Diner so Aden could see the fish and have some grilled cheese. Aden still has 4 8 oz bottles of formula a day. We know by one year, we need to ween him off the formula and have more real food in his diet. So today, we tried 3 bottles. It was hard, because he was hungry and we weren't sure how to fill in the times in between the 3 bottles.

Just like last week, I rushed home from work and Amy from school and we loaded the car up and headed to Margate. It was raining on the way and we saw a rainbow.

On the way, we stopped for dinner so we got down pretty late, so Aden went right to sleep and we followed soon after.

I didn't take many pictures Saturday but we did a lot. The problem ended up being we did too much and Aden never had a nap. That can only lead to trouble!

The dogs aren't sure about Aden but he really likes them. I will post some videos of their interactions. We went to the Adam's Avenue beach to sit with Adam and Ellen. It was Adam's birthday! The beach was quiet. Most of the usual gang were not there. The weather turned out to be pretty nice but we really couldn't enjoy it. A sleep deprived, cranky baby made sure of that!

We couldn't find a babysitter. (does anyone know of anyone at the Shore who might sit for us?) So we had an early dinner with my parents and grandmother at JoJo's in Ventnor. It's an old favorite of ours but no more. Apparently it has knew owners. We were not thrilled with the food and the service was pretty rude. Amy ordered a calamari salad for her main course. It came with the salads not with the entrees, which was annoying. The squid was not fried, the way Amy likes it. She told the waitress she couldn't eat it the way it was and that she was sorry. The waitress just grabbed it and walked away. She never came back to see if Amy wanted anything else, so she just shared my pasta. They also refused to make any changes to the dishes, which sucked.

They had fun playing with Aden anyway. You can tell he was getting really tired here after having no naps.

Amy and I went back and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall while we waited for Amy's parents to get home. I thought it was really funny. They got back around 11, then we walked over to Adam's to get him and Ellen, then to the Greenhouse. It was our first time of the season. It was actually pretty quiet even though it was a nice night. I think the average age might be down to 14. Where are they getting their id's?

We actually ended up staying until we were kicked out at 2! Amy can be a real trooper sometimes! The only thing was as we were finally getting to bed around 2:45, it hit us that someone would have to give Aden a bottle around 6:30.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy Baby

Sorry, too busy to update today. Here are some pics from music class last night. We are headed down the shore tonight so I'm sure there will be many pics to post soon! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

It takes a while for me to catch up after a holiday weekend but here we go! Tuesday was Amy's birthday, as you already know. After work Aden gave her a card that he picked out all by himself!

Mommy was very happy.

A quick bath.

Then we went out to dinner. We ended up at Cafe Preeya in Huntingdon Valley. Amy likes their crab cakes. We had a great meal and a fun time.

Wednesday was our second anniversary! Boy, that went fast. It's been a great couple of years and now we have a beautiful baby to make us complete! Maybe I will post some wedding pictures. Rich and Kevin came in from Chicago to hang out for the day. Of course our first stop was Geno's Steaks. Not my first choice but a good place for tourists.

We then walked around Independence Mall. So many school kids.

I like doing this stuff. I'm not one of those people that does not take advantage of what their home town has to offer. I'm a perpetual tourist.

We went all the way back home to pick up Amy so Kevin got to spend some quality time with Aden. Katie loved this picture.

We then met my dad at Citizen's Bank Park to watch the Phillies. It happened to be Irish Heritage night, so they gave out green hats. Kevin liked his big wiener!

The anniversary couple!!!

We so hope that Mark is going to do this for Melissa. She would hate it, but it's so him and we would get a good laugh!

The Phils lost but it turned out to be a really nice night. The weather was perfect and we all had fun!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Rest of the Weekend

It's Wednesday morning and I have to run to the airport to pick someone up so I will be brief. Monday was nice so decided to head to the beach.

On the way, we stopped at the Longport playground. It was packed and we knew so many people!

Back on the swing.

FInally made it to the beach, which was empty!

Aden tried to take a rest in his tent.

That wasn't happening.

The sky got dark, so we left.

It took us three hours to drive home. Should be an hour and a half. My grandmother was excited to see us.

Yes, he likes to bite my nose.

Yay, it was a fun weekend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

I have been working with Aden for weeks now to say Happy Birthday. He is almost there! It's a shame the schools don't give the teachers off on their birthdays. Must be hard for her to work today. Tonight we are going to dinner, just the two of us, and tomorrow, which also happens to be our 2nd anniversary!!!, we are going to the Phillies game.

These pictures are from Sunday. Aden has been sleeping in the Pack N Play and seems to like it but I think we are going to get a crib anyway.

Good Morning!

It wasn't the greatest weather so we decided to skip the beach and do a little shopping. We drove over to Atlantic City to go to the mall at Caesars. (it's only 10 or 15 minutes away) Aden was a lot smaller the last time he was here.

The boardwalk was packed.

We ran into Mike and Yoon. They had come down for the day. Mike was good at making Aden laugh.

It was a bit misty out.

We passed by the outlet stores. They were packed! So much for a bad economy.

We almost ate here. They got everything covered, Mexican and pizza!

We went to the playground on Somerset in Ventnor. It's brand new and very nice. Amy's friend from Hall Mercer Emily and her husband and Aden's friend Alex, along with Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane met us there. Aden of course headed right for the swing.

That's Alex next to Aden. They are almost the same age.

But Alex is a wee bit bigger!

Hey buddy, I miss you! Amy might resume the class for the Summer so they will be together again!

What can I say, the swing is drool worthy!

Alan and Sloane.

Ina and I with Aden and Josh. Cute pic.

The playground is really nice.

See ya!

We went back and barbequed. Mike and Yoon joined us. I t was a relaxing night, we just hung out and watched tv.