Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Happy Birthday Lori!

It's Wednesday night.  The crazy storms are done and I took out the trash.  I met up with some of the pre-school dads tonight.  They are so funny.  We got the kid's classroom assignments this week.  The class is going to split in half, which is a total bummer.  They will be back together in kindergarten though.  

Here was a rainy drop off at camp last week.  
 This picture was taken over Doylestown, pretty close to here.  A micro cell I believe they call it.  Pretty cool.  
 Playing Hedbanz.
 Aden had a mini concert for his summer session band.  I will spare you the videos.  
We went to Harvest to celebrate Lori's 40th.  
 There were lots of fun people to talk to.  

 We went to visit an overnight camp.  Our neighbors came with us.  
 Welcome to Camp Saginaw.  
 Our transportation for the day.  
 We ran into our babysitter Jordyn's brother there.  

 The lake.

 The bunk houses were all new and air conditioned.

 It was a huge place.  Very nice.  
 The town nearby.  It's in Lancaster County.  
 There were lots of pretty farms around there.  

Visiting Camp

It's super late Tuesday night.  We saw Mamma Mia at the Bucks County Playhouse.  It was great!  We didn't get home till after 10 and then we had to watch the final episode of the Bachelorette!  It's way too late now and Hannah didn't end up with anyone!

Last week we had visiting day at camp.  First Ariel had dance club.  
 Our sassy girl!
 Then Aden had tennis.  

 Ariel and her bunk running to Outdoor Challenge and Zip Line.  

 Patiently waiting their turns.  
 Up the ladder.
 Across the platform.  

 Getting attached to the zip line.  

 They let me do this a few years ago.  
 Ariel and Emily.  
 Ariel and daddy.
 My buddy Aron.  
 Aden had double period softball leagues.  

I saw him get 2 hits!
 Swim time for Ariel.  

 Computers.  From the 1990's.

 Phew!  Enough of camp.  Back to silly Eli.