Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lucy the Elephant Playground

It's late Sunday night and I just want to go to bed.  I was up at 5:30 to go to a charity run.  So let's get this done!  Last Saturday, we finally got to go to the new playground in Margate.  It's looks like Lucy the Elephant!  They've been building it for years and the boys asked about it every time we drove by, which got annoying but it's open now!

They really liked it!

I climbed up a little too.  

We kept busy for a while but it got hot.  
We went back to see what Steven was up to.  
Middle Steven gave big Steven a haircut!
Melissa and Mark came down and brought lunch.  
Then we went to the pool.  It was too hot for the beach.  

It was 88 at the shore.  
But 98 at home.  So it was hot but much better than being home.  

That night, Rachel came to sit.  
We went to Tomatoes for dinner.  
The meal was great.  
I made a tactical error though.  Since Rachel had to put our kids to bed and Melissa's kids to bed and since we were eating a block from home, I figured we could go back and help get the kids to bed then go out again.  We went back but that was it.  Once you go back, it's hard to go out again.  

Right Honey?
Meanwhile, at Saginaw, they knew not to go back and had fun dancing all night!
Go Ariel!


Thursday, July 28, 2022

M&Ms everywhere!

It's Thursday and some big thunderstorms just passed through.  We really needed the rain.  It's been weeks.  The grass is brown as you can see in the picture below.  This was last Wednesday, when we got back from New York.  Heather was with the twins at the neighbor's house.  

They have a movie for the kids in the yard.  

The parents were inside drinking!
We brought the twins stuff from the m & m store.  
Last Thursday, Aden had a scavenger hunt at camp.  
Amy went to visit camp that day.  
Eli had speech after camp.
What is Eli up to in the basement?  
Oops, Eli dropped m & m's all over the floor.  
Dani helped out so I could get out a little.  
I went to Todd's and Chad came too.  
Friday morning snuggles.  
We drove to the shore late.  Wawa was busy!
This is a Camp Saginaw alumni picture.  Ariel is in there!  Amy went to camp there a long time ago.  

Dave and Margot were in Alabama eating barbecue.  I was so jealous!  Have a great weekend!