Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kid Fit

These are random pictures from the week.  Awww.  Looks so comfy.
More school work by Aden.

Continental Midtown

We finally got Aden into Kid Fit at the NAC.  It's a really hard class to get in to.  I had to go online at 6 am to sign him up.  We were locked out the last time we tried.  Aden was not thrilled about starting a new class but we think he really liked it.
She had them doing exercises disguised as games.
 Ariel wanted in really badly.
He was all smiles.
 Soon enough!
They have to eat together.

 Aden has a nice mommy.  She made him an ice cream sandwich.

 Skylanders Giants!  His collection is growing.  He gets them for trying new foods.
 A much needed haircut.

 He gives Curtis a lot of trouble lately.
 Much better!
 Music class!  Right onto Lindsay's lap.

 Aden has that Cuddle Up It!
Ariel has to be near Marilyn.

Aden and Jaxson.

There's the cantor at Shir Ami with his grandson.
 Um, where is mine?
 As soon as Marilyn puts out her legs, Ariel is there!

Swim!  I only took a few pictures because they always look the same.
After a week of celebrating Mark's birthday, it finally was his birthday!
What better way to celebrate than a mouthful of whipped cream!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

It's Wednesday night and finally quiet in the house.  Ariel was a bit cranky today.  We think it might be teething.  Thursday is Mark's 30th birthday so everyone remember to call him!  We wish him the  happiest and healthiest of birthdays.  He's the best uncle our kids could have!

Sunday morning it was back to soccer.  
Aden had a lot of energy to start.
 But that didn't last long.  What can we do to help with his stamina?
 Grandma and Grandpa came to watch.
 He did get into the action.  Go #9!

 Good game!

After lunch, Aden and Ariel went to hang with the neighbors.
 Ariel loved the bird.
 That night, we went to Mark and Melissa's house to eat the leftovers from the party.  Aden got to work on his giant puzzle book.

 Ariel and Burghy, together again.

 She still has to do everything Aden does.
 Good sharing Aden!

 Ring around the rosey with Dave.
Bye Marsha!  It was great to see you guys again!
 The next morning, they had to have the same rice krispie treat.
 Amy stopped by school at lunch on Monday.  The boys were all sitting together.
 Q is the letter of the week.  It's a tough one.  Amy isn't so sure that some of these words belong.
Amy took this while they were shopping.  Ariel really loves dogs.