Friday, February 29, 2008


So Amy, Melissa and I took Mark out to dinner at Eulogy in Old City last night but I forgot my camera! Oh well. The Belgium beer was tasty though. Amy actually was ready to "party" but we went home after dinner.

John at work brought in Sparky today! My mom isn't here yet but apparently she has food and toys for him and he goes crazy so maybe I will have some more pics later.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's a Boy!

My nose?


Time is just moving on. We hit 20 weeks today. I promise I will have news later today, tomorrow at the latest. Hard to believe we are half way there. She still looks and feels good. I will put up the latest ultrasound pictures soon.

It's Mark's(Melissa's bf's) big 25th birthday today. He mentioned something about going out tonight so I should have some good pictures. He gets really goofy when he drinks. Remember how we helped him move into his apartment Friday night, well turns out they don't like you moving in at night and fined him $1000!

Friday night Amy and I are going to 1-800-SHABBAT. We have done this before and it's always really nice. There is a large orthodox community in the Main Line. We go to a random person's house for dinner then meet back at the Erlbaum's house for dessert. Of course Friday is hard for Amy because she is tired and has to drive back to the City then all the way out to the Main Line by 5:30 and it's supposed to snow, but I think we will make it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jerry the Hit Doctor

So I play softball on the City's softball team. Hopefully I'm going to keep playing even though I'm not there anymore. They call me the Hit Doctor because for some reason I get a lot of hits. I think that's pretty funny. Anyway, the City owned the Vet (Veteran's Stadium, which was blown up almost 5 years ago) so we played a game there. That was awesome. I even got a hit!

My Old Car

So many years ago, I was between cars. One of our salesmen had just received a new car and my dad offered me his. It was a Camry that already was way over 100,000 miles. I saw it in our lot today and it brought back some memories. I drove it for about a year until...

My first, worst and hopefully last accident. I was hit head on while trying to make a left turn. We were all ok and nobody sued as it was probably both our faults. I got a new car and it was passed to Bev, my sister.

She had the car for several years pushing the mileage close to 200,000! As you can see by the side of it, she had her fun also. Now one of our workers has it. It will never stop running.
I'll be back today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not sure if there are going to be any updates today. Have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Taste of Spring

It's amazing how relative temperature is. 50 doesn't sound warm, but it really feels it today. I'm not wearing a jacket!

More Rick Recht - Press the triangle

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rick Recht Live in Concert

So, still not telling, although I promise it will be this week.

Saturday, Amy and I looked at some more houses. Still not thrilled with anything yet. Then we stopped by her parent's house. They are currently fixing it up, which apparently includes new wallpaper. I don't really get wallpaper, especially when the new wallpaper looks the same as the old wallpaper.

The girls were supervising.

Old on left, new on right. Is it really that different?

The girls needed a break and went outside.

Saturday night, Amy and I picked up my grandmother and met Amy's parents at our synagogue to see Rick Recht in concert. He is a young guy that travels around the country with his band doing either services or just concerts. I saw him doing a Shabbat service and really enjoyed him. This was the first time I had seen him doing a regular concert. The place was packed! There were many kids there as he also has some children's albums. I will put up some video clips soon.

Before it started.

Amy, her parents and my grandmother.

The place was rocking!

Me and Bubbie.

Belly Shot!

Back at my grandmother's house, she made us waffles and ice cream!

Sunday, we looked at more houses. I'm about to give up. Then we had Liana's birthday party. Liana is Adam and Kasia's daughter.

The happy family. We were at a sports place where the kids could run around. It was cute. Most of my close friends and their kids were there.

Amy with Andy and Alicia.

Mark and Zack, could they look any more alike?

Me with Abby and Amanda, who is a total cutie.

Back at Adam's for the after party, Dora the Explorer showed up!

Adam brought out his pet chincilla to show the kids.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moving Day

No, I'm still not saying, maybe later today.

When we got back to town, Mel did work and Amy and I watched The Departed. We liked it. Melissa's boyfriend Mark is moving into his new apartment in town today. The three of us picked up food from Chili's and went back to Mel's place. Mark then came with his friend Lishai and a huge truck with all of their stuff including a giant sofa from Amy's parent's that was going into Mel's apt.

Sofa shuffle at Mels' apt.

Mark's new place at MetroClub. Very nice. They did not ask us to help but it was well after 10 and they hadn't started unpacking yet so the three of us went over to help. Lishai's parents and sister were there working very hard. They are Israeli so I practiced my Hebrew on them. The sister was 11 and the hardest worker of all. I was there till after 12 lugging furniture. Amy was a good sport about the whole thing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day and Possible Big News

So today was a big day. Not only did Amy have a snow day, but we found out the sex of our baby! I'm not sure I'm able to tell yet so stay tuned. Anyway, we woke up to several inches, actually we woke up at 5 when Amy got the call that school was cancelled. We had an ultrasound appointment at 2 but they called and said come at 12, then at 9, they called and said come at 10! We both ate, showered, dressed and cleaned off the car in 15 minutes! Here was how we found the car.

We drove through the Rittenhouse Square area on our way to Melissa's house.

Rittenhouse Square. The City is so pretty in the snow.

We drove up Broad Street past Temple, where Mel goes to school.

Broad Street takes forever then you finally get to Abington.

Our synagogue! Funny we saw it as we ran into the rabbi later.

Waiting at Abington Hospital.

Everything went well. I will find out if I'm allowed to tell and maybe I will post some ultrasound pics soon.

The three of us then went to the West End Diner. Our new Rabbi Larry was there. We of course told him the news. Here is my challah french toast with carmalized bananas.

My girls.