Monday, December 31, 2007


Saturday was a nice day so Amy and I decided to go to NY for the day. We got a late start as the plumber working at Amy's house turned off the water and we couldn't take showers. Finally we made it to the train which was actually nice for a change. If you have ever been on the NJ Transit trains you will know how gross they usually are but this one was a brand new double decker. Very nice. Penn Station was packed.

We met Jason and Lisa at Pastis in Chelsea. It was the first time we saw Lisa with a belly. Very cute. Hip place. We had to wait an hour so we walked around and shopped.

That was some French Toast.

We walked through the CHelsea Market. It's where Food TV is headquartered and there are tons of great food shops.

Kind of hard to see, but here is Buddakan next door. No Buddah like the one in Philly but super fancy.

Got some killer cupcakes at Billys.

Sunday we had lunch at Jakes Eatery which for some reason Amy always call Flap Jakes. We looked at some houses. Still nothing too exciting. We had dinner with her aunt and family. Justin and Alex are enjoying their break from Penn State.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's Go Fly-ers!

Amy and I went to the Flyers game. We had fun. They won big.

The new scoreboard is cool.

Lauren Hart

Some action.

Jerry the goalie.

More babies

Amy and I had planned to go to NY today to shop and maybe see a show but we were lazy and decided not to go. Probably a good decision. The weather wasn't so great. Maybe we will try again this weekend. So, she slept and I went to work. It was slow at work. No too many pool chemicals being sold Christmas week. Amy and her mom returned the Volvo. She was cleaning it out and noticed a rip in the seat. Oops. Can't wait to see that bill. I went to Amy's house after work and somehow Amy had volunteered me to make dinner for her family. I made ziti and meat sauce and sauteed spinach. Came out well. Amy and I then went to my aunt's house to see the babies again. Probably the last time this visit we will see Larry and Jessica before they go back to LA.

Here are the dad's Leo and Larry.

Me with Gen.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Secret Wedding

Well, by request of the newlyweds, there is a media blackout on the wedding, so no pics. They are on a cruise for two weeks so we will see if that changes when they get back. We drove up Friday at 3. I picked Amy up from school. The kids all yelled out my name when I walked in. Cute. Everyone was predicting the worst but we made it to the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale in 2 1/2 hours, with plenty of time to rest before the rehearsal dinner. I forgot my slacks and figured khakis would be ok. The guys were in suits. Oops. We met Rachel's home and college friends. A great group of girls. The families were warm and friendly also. Everyone got up and roasted the couple. It was very funny. Saturday Amy and I went to the Roosevelt Field Mall nearby. What an awesome place. So nice. Amy got her makeup done and we ate at the Grand Luxe Cafe. Back at the hotel, Amy got her hair and nails done and I hung out with the guys in the sauna. We went to the Temple at 5:30. It was sweet when Jason and Rachel saw each other for the first time. The whole night was great. We danced the whole time. The band was amazing. When the moratorium gets lifted, I will give more details.

Driving back Sunday took only hours. We went right my aunt's house. My cousins were in from LA with baby Noah. My aunt had a big crowd when we go there. My cousin Eric was in from Boston. Here is his buddy Parker.


Me and Kim.

The happy family.

The Matzah Ball! We haven't been around Christmas time in years so of course we had to go to the Matzah Ball. It was packed and surprisingly, we both knew a ton of people. The music was great and we even danced. Melanie and Greg had a table so we had a place to rest when needed.

Amy opened the door into a SEPTA bus. Oops.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas at Jonas

The pollyanna was fun. Here are the presents under the tree.

My mom and our salesman Ed getting in the spirit.

I got number 1! The worst number to get. That means I am quickly going to lose whatever I got.

The first thing I opened was an electric screwdriver, which I really needed! It was taken pretty fast but somehow I ended up with it. The beer I brought was a big hit and everyone kept taking it as their turns came up.

I didn't take many pictures at the Christmas party at Dave and Busters. Amy couldn't make it but Melissa and her father came.

My mom handed out awards.

Some of the workers.

The car.

After months of dealing with horrible car saelsmen, crying, yelling and buying the wrong car and running away (don't ask) we finally decided on an Acura SUV. They were very nice and it all went smoothly. I don't have any real pics yet because we got the car in the dark and she left this morning in the dark but here is what it looks like.

Today is the pollyanna and Christmas party and this weekend in Jason and Rachel's wedding so I should have a lot to report soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This close.

We are this close to buying a car. My fingers are very close together. I think it's going to happen Weds night. Stay tuned. I'm starting to get busy at work. We got a new phone system today that has everyone confused. I guess I'll have to figure it out. We are having a pollyanna at work on Thursday before the Christmas party. I stopped by Amy's dad's beer store and bought this fancy bottle of special Christmas Bud beer and a set of Belgium beer and glasses. I think beer will go over bigger than something that will be regifted. The party is at Dave and Busters so I should have some good pics from that. I will let you know about the car tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Tree!

Saturday Amy and I went car shopping again. I don't think we are ever going to find one. We keep going back and forth over whether we should get a car or a truck. She used to have a Rav 4, hence her email address, Rav4amy, so we checked out the new one. She did like it but they were playing games with the prices again. Since we were in the Northeast, we picked up a Hesh's chocolate chip pound cake. I was on the phone when we walked in and Amy actually asked the person there and me what we should get?!? Is she crazy? There is only one thing to get there. Saturday night, we met Adam and Ellen, Rose and Randy and Jen and Scott at Jannies Chinese in Warrington.

Then back to Amy's to eat the...

Hesh's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake! We should have gotten a bigger one.

Jenny's usual position.

Sunday, Amy, her mom and Melissa and I went to see Enchanted. Someone asked me if I was too old to see it. I asked if I was too old to do most of the things I do?!? Then Amy's family and I went to Adam and Kasia's to decorate the tree. Here is Liana opening the present we got her.

I think Kasia made this.

Daddy's little girl.

Dinner was good.

Liana has a crush on Mark.



Amy and I. I'm wearing the jacket that Amy's mom and Melissa got me for Hanukah.

The Tree!

My girls.