Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Ariel!!!

I have a ton of pictures to share but just a quick post for tonight.  Today was Ariel's 2nd birthday!!!  She is still such a little girl that it really does not feel like it's been 2 years.  But then she opens her mouth and bosses us around we can see the strong young lady she is becoming!  She makes us laugh and is just so sweet she can make us cry.  We can't wait wait to see what the future holds.  Anyway, today we had such a great time.  The cleaning girl came early so got out as fast as we could.  We got Ariel's nails painted, which she loved, then we went to Giggleberry Fair at Peddler's Village.  The kids had a great time.  Clarisse made a great dinner tonight for Ariel and Hanukkah.  It's really late and we finally got the kids to sleep.  All that will be recapped later.
Back to Wednesday night.  My mom made sugar cookies with the kids.

 Daddy helped.
Grandpop helped.
 Mommy helped.
 Then we iced them.
And ate them!

Thursday morning, we did two of Amy's favorite activities, watching parades and cleaning.  We went back and forth between the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Philly one while we organized the playroom.  We actually did not finish the playroom till almost midnight, and it's still a mess!  We need help!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hope you all had a great day!  It's almost midnight Thursday and I'm way too tired to do the blog so look for it in the morning!

Happy Hanukkah!!!

The robed kids were excited for Hanukkah!
 We cooked a great roast chicken dinner, then my family came over to start the celebrations!

 Present time!
 The kids went crazy!

 Our princess!

Aden's first chain and Jewish star!
 Ok, it's cookie time...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Check back for a post later!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Socks on Hands?

Wow it's raining out there.  Is everyone getting excited for the holidays?  We are so lucky we don't have to travel anywhere.  

Sunday morning, despite the fact it was in the 20's with wind chill in the teens, I decided to take Ariel to swim.  The pool is still in the 90's and the room is so warm.  The locker room was a bit cold though.

She had a great time!  
When we got home this is how I found her!  The socks and shoes come right off now every time in the car.
Off to a party!

We need a chalkboard at home.
Watching the puppet show.  She seemed a bit scared.
So happy the hair is out of her eyes.

I want some frozen yogurt!
Dinner at Lambertis was fun.
They took the paper they wrap the sandwiches in from the restaurant to draw on.
They both are now wearing bathrobes every night.  They really love their books too.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Happiest Store on Earth

After Ariel's sort of haircut, we headed to the Grand Lux Cafe at the Cherry Hill Mall to meet Jackie, Greg and Jacob for lunch.  The kids ignored the food and got right down to being goofy.
 Ariel is always the troublemaker.
 And she knows it.
 They had too much fun.

 Awww.  Kisses.

 Too cute.
 Apple Store!
 Then Disney Store!
 The kids really loved this place.
 We could have left them there all day and they wouldn't have noticed.
 Somehow they found out it was Ariel's birthday this week.
 They all came out and sang for her.

 I told them just to wrap the whole store!
 Nordstroms.  I think every store was set up for the kids.
 Just like mommy.
 I think we are done shopping for a while.
It was a long day.  We didn't get home till after 6.  The kids were loopy.  Ariel was all over the place doing all kinds of crazy things.  She grabbed the mouse from Amy who was working on the computer, took a necklace present out of it's box and put it on,  took her bowl of ice cream when we weren't looking and brought it to the sofa, ran off with Amy's pocketbook, pulled the toilet paper across the kitchen.  This would have gone on all night.