Friday, December 30, 2016


It's way too late Thursday night, actually Friday morning.  Been having some issues with the babies and sleep and I have still have so much to do.  It's a lot of work helping the elves with their mischief.  

Last week we had out work Polyanna.
 They way we play, you can steal from someone rather than open a new present once your number is called.  I had a bout 10 different things before I ended up with this...
 Car shopping with 2 toddlers.  Fun!

 They had a kiddie area but that didn't contain them.

 I put them in a car.  That kept them busy.

 Until the tantrum.
 Noah joined him.
 But just to be silly.
 I didn't get a good picture but we drove past the Wawa Dairy production facilities.  I showed the twins where all their milk comes from!

 Hey Gwen!
 Ariel got to play with her favorite cousin for a bit.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Edible Menorah

It's Wednesday night and we just got back from a fabulous night at the ballet with Bev.  We got to go backstage at the Academy of Music and meet the dancers and play around with the sets, so cool!  More on that later.  It's super late and I still have to take the trash out so here we go.

Aden had to make an edible Hanukkah menorah for Hebrew School.  We worked on it the night before it was due.  Blue and white covered brownies.

 The next morning, the twins watched the lawn people.
 While we finished up the project.  Pretzel sticks, marshmallows and candy corn for the candles.
Pretty cool!
 Uh oh!
 I took Aden to school that night and saw what some of the other kids made.

 After school, there was a Hanukkah Hop.  Amy chaperoned and here are her pics.  Yes, this was the second night out of 3 that she left me for the night with the kids!

Aden took a while ot warm up, then he was a dancing fool!
Nice group they got.

While Aden and mommy were out, Ariel helped me with the boys.  
 We watched some football.  Touchdown!
 Aden came back excited.
Amy took these at some point.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet Rebecca

It's Tuesday night of the big holiday week.  Today was quiet.  We got the carpets cleaned and took a trip to Target.  I'm a little jealous seeing all the places people are on Facebook but until the boys are older, we aren't going anywhere!  It's was 60 degrees today anyway, who needs Florida?  We have to start planning the twins birthday party.  Any ideas?  They don't have many friends so a bounce party is probably out!  

Back to last week.  We got the twins a new train table.  You will see that later.  That one has the tracks built in so they can't throw them.  We will probably move this one to the basement.
 Here's the moment Ariel has been waiting for...
 Meet Rebecca, Ariel's first real American Girl Doll.  She was so excited.  Rebecca has been a big part of our lives ever since!

 Ariel and Rebecca watching Star Wars.
 So sad and appropriate I caught this moment.  RIP Carrie.
 Just a quick hello from Gwen!
 So Ariel had to be persuaded to go back to gymnastics.  She says it's boring and the girls that run the class are mean.  
 I have to say that she's right.  The classes at the NAC are hard to get into but I don't know why.  They are all run by teenagers that don't want to be there.  Watch the video below to see how bored they all are.

Where are you going Noah?

 Kiddie cuddles.

 Is it bad or good that we can get a few minutes to ourselves when the tv is on?

 Rides anyone?
 Amy went to Ariel's school to read a book about Hanukkah and bring cookies!

 Ariel the snowman.