Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look How Tall I Am!

Sunday morning we had a surprise visit from baby Jackson! Too cute.


We then headed to the playground in Margate.


Daredevil. He climbed everything.

All ready for the new waverunner, although neither Melissa or I have actually been on it yet.

Aden is ready too!

Because Aden would not sleep on the beach yesterday, I stayed home with him so he could take a good nap. We didn't get to the beach till almost 3. Jason and Rachel came to play.

MMMM Spongebob!

Good to the last drop. The red has not come off this shirt after repeated washings! You wonder what is does to your body!

Time to play with his little friend Jason.


I'm so tall!!!

I love this shot.

Jason is crazy, the water was freezing! But Aden was having so much fun.

Time to get ready for dinner...

Day 1

It's Tuesday morning and we are scrambling around to get ready for work and school and reminiscing about the weekend. And what a weekend it was. Friday I actually spent part of the day at Amy's school helping her pack up. They are renovating it soon and everything has to be removed. We were worried about driving to the shore after work as all day long we heard stories about the horrible traffic but strangely enough, we had none! As soon as we arrived, Amy's parents are like let's go to the Dairy Bar!

It was crowded as usual on a Friday. Aden danced to the live jazz band.

Ok, time for bed!

Up at 6 and ready for the beach. Where is everyone else?

First we went for a walk.

The beach!

Cooper would loved to have been let loose.

After an early lunch, we really went to the beach. Aden got to wear his new bathing suit.

Remember last year he was a bit afraid of the sand. Not this time!

I like this shot.

The beach was crowded Saturday but Sunday it was just packed.

Aden got busy burying feet.

What's so funny?


Ocean Pacific model.

What are you lookin' at?

Oh, it's Aunt Lauren!

Aden did not take a nap all day so of course he fell asleep in the stroller on the way off the beach. I sat with him outside while he slept and everyone else got ready. My parents and grandmother came over for a bbq. Cooper was happy to see everyone.

Aden and Cooper. A love/hate relationship.

The pretty girls ready to hit the Greenhouse. I met them there and we stayed till well after 1!

Alright Aden, time to go to sleep so daddy can go out!