Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Tall This Fall?

Sunday we finally went pumpkin picking!  Yes, it's Thursday night and a lot happened this week, but I'm still on weekend pictures.  There isn't much going on this weekend so I will catch up next week.  Anyway, we met Danny and Cate at Shady Brook Farms.  Us and all the 1000s of other crazy people willing to pay $15 just to walk into the place then still have to pay for food and pumpkins!  I guess the free pig races and petting zoo make up for it a bit.  Ariel is finally growing.  Up to 26 lbs!
 Aden is still one of the shortest in his class.
 We can't ever pass a tattoo stand.

 Jack O Lantern and Hello Kitty!
 This was new.

 On the Shady Brook bus.
An attempt at a family photo.
 There's Danny and Cate!  
 Aden only wanted to go to a place where you had to take a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.
 Here we are!  It's so late in the season that the pumpkin vines were gone.  Usually we are yanking them off.
 There were still good ones to choose from.


 The ride back.
 Aden was in charge of the pumpkins.
 Of course Aden loved this.  Shooting tomatoes from an air gun.
 How strong are you?

 Time for the scary corn maze.
 It was huge and we really got lost.
 Send help!
 The kids found the way out!
 Cool car.
 Finally, some pictures from the week.  Monday night we had soccer practice.  It might have been the last one till next year!
 I thought it was cold but the kids seemed fine.

 Ariel loved playing with Lilly.

 Ok, I'm going to bed.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Halloween!  I have been stressing about Aden's party for weeks.  I'm glad it's finally here.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Our annual trek to Sesame Place for the Halloween Spooktacular.
The Count welcomed us! (along with the rest of the world!  I have never seen it so crowded)
 The pool was a giant dance floor.
 Trick or treat!  All the snacks were healthy.

 Here's this year...
 and last year!

 Waiting in line for the maze.

 This was the line for the show 15 minutes before.  Wow!
 The Hulk was having fun.

 They changed up the show after it being the same for 3 years. 

 We all liked the old show better.
 Ariel got up and danced.
 Fun times but we had to get out of there!
We ended up at a new Mexican restaurant for dinner.  Ariel took off her costume and didn't have pants, just tights.  It's great to be 2!
 Swim Sunday morning.

 We have to sign up for the next session already.
 This is her not really enjoying this face.