Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Big Race

Ariel Bringing Up The Rear

Back to the race Sunday morning.  The kids kept goofing around waiting for their turn.
 Ariel wanted to know where mommy was.  Sleeping!
 Here we go!  The 1 mile walk!  They actually had prizes for the winners.  I'm not sure how you win at walking.  The sky looked kind of cool.
 Go Aden!
 He had help from cousins Rebecca and Leo.
 We made it!  Phew.  
 Then it was time to set up for the 50 yard dash.
 Gail is in charge of the event.
 The kids are all lined up.  
 Noah came in first, then Genny, then Olivia.
 Aden ran looking behind him to make sure he wasn't last.
 Who was last?  Ariel!  The crowd chanted for her.  It was cute.  Watch the video!
 A well deserved snack.
 Time for prizes!
 The kids all got boogie boards.
 Then we headed over to my parent's house.
 There's baby Jake!  The last time he was here, he was 2 months old.  Getting so big.
 My grandmother had a ton of fun.

 The kids were everywhere.

 Even cousin Carol stopped by.  Stay tuned for more pics!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Waiting for the Race

After the quick trip to the beach Saturday, we went back for a snack.
Then built a bridge with my dad using Knex.

 Then took a walk.  It was my first time at the candy shop!
 Too much to choose from.
 Hey Eva!
 Miyako for dinner.  
 Ariel and Eva did not like the fire.
 Did I say no like?  How about terrified!
 We ran into Jen and Sophie and got ice cream at Two Cents Plain.
 Sunday morning, around 6:30, I took Aden and Ariel to the boardwalk in front of the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City for the annual charity run in my uncle's name.  

We when got there it started pouring!  Then we had to hide under a tent.
Then it cleared up and Aden got reaquainted with his cousin Noah from LA.  I say this the two times they see each other every year, they need to see each other more often!
 They had so much fun.

 The boardwalk was slippery, people kept falling.

 First was the 5k run.  Have fun!  
 All the cousins that were there.  Genny from Princeton and Noah and Olivia from LA.
 Everyone took turns carrying Ariel.

 Cousins Carol and John from Boca!
 When is it time for our race already?
We waited around for a while waiting for the 5K and 1 mile to finish

 More group pictures.
 The kids were playing in the entryway to the casino and got thrown out by the security guard.  Ariel kept saying the mean man made them leave!  Stay tuned for some actual racing!