Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye Aunt Edith

What a crazy week.  I have been to Florida and back but more on that later.  

 Jason comes to play with Ariel now!

 Eating broccoli and carrots and liking it!
 Play date with Jaxson and Sam.

 They had fun!
 Monday my great aunt Edith passed away.  I have always been close with her and really wanted to be there for the funeral.  My parents and I flew down Tuesday night and came back Thursday morning.  

Good morning Dearfield Beach.

 The funeral was touching.  There were a lot of speakers.  I'm in a rush so I will talk more about her later.
 Edith and her 3 kids.
 Me and my cousins Carol and Lisa.
 Debbie's 3 dogs.

 Me and the cousins.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tomatoe's Finally

Sunday was a much nicer day.  We started with a quick breakfast at Juniors.  
 Ariel fed herself while we shared waffles and fruit.

 We actually made it to the beach before 12.  
 Always filling buckets with water.

 How far out can we go?
 Ariel stopped eating the sand!  Now we can just let her play.
 It was super windy but a nice day.

 He built this to capture aliens!

 Even though Tomatoe's is arguably the best restaurant in the area and it's only a few blocks from our house, we had not been here all summer.  It was time!  
 They don't allow high chairs!  Aden slept on my lap and the girls took turns with Ariel.
 The food was excellent.
 Of course no meal is complete without a trip to the Dairy Bar.

 So ends to the second to last weekend of the summer of 2012.

Fancy Dining

We hadn't been to the Caesar's mall all summer.  We were ready for some good eating and shipping.  First, we had lunch at Continental.
 The view of Atlantic City outside.
 Lunch was yummy, especially the monkey bread.
 Ariel insists on feeding herself.
 Aden wanted to explore.

 There's a beach inside, that's silly, he said.
 The girls.

 We went to Janie and Jack where Aden picked out some cute outfits for Ariel...
 and for himself.
 He loved the fountain.  It's from the same people that made the one at the Bellagio.
 Cool view.
 He always wants to throw money in any fountain we pass.  
 Ariel playing with Burghy.  

 Rebecca came to sit.  We had to cancel on her the last 2 times because Ariel was sick so we were determined for it to work out.  For the 4th time this summer, we went to dinner at Revel.  This time it was Amada which is the "it" restaurant of the summer.  It's where people go to see and be seen.  The food was excellent but it was hard for us to agree on dishes for us to share.  There were a lot of things on the menu that neither of us eat but we came out full!  We ran into Jason and Rachel!  We hung out till midnight!  Go us!