Sunday, November 30, 2014

So You Want to Build a Snowman

It's Sunday afternoon.  The laziest Sunday I can remember in a long time.  We barely got out of bed today.  We all needed it.  Ariel's birthday party, which was never supposed to be as big as it was, ended really late last night.  Of course we stayed up even later cleaning.  

Here are the pics leading up to Thanksgiving.  Ariel can hold her own with any sword.
Baby Eva is this close to walking!  She stands on her own!
 Don't strain yourself Aden!
 The girls are the best of buddies.
 Soon enough they will be going to the mall themselves!

 Someone made themselves at home.
 Those were Aden's Uggs!
 Big girl!
 Cleaning time.
 I think the dentist did a bad job!
 Dinner with Maura!
 We had Aden's parent teacher conference.  She started off by saying he's very sensitive.  Just that day she randomly moved his seat away from his buddies and he got really upset.  She likes to keep them moving so they make new friends.  He's gotten way more sensitive lately.  We aren't sure why.  She's very happy with him academically though.  He is very eager to learn and is a good listener.  We were happy to hear that.  

 Ariel on the other hand.  Listens to everything just choses to ignore most of what she hears!
 Lunch with mommy and daddy on a snowy day before Thanksgiving.
 Driving home we saw a snowman!
 Is it Spring yet?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lost in a Maze

It's late Thursday night and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was very nice.  We didn't get the kids to sleep until 10 they were having so much fun.  Anyway here's one sneak peak picture from tonight.  My cool dude and my Indian.
Back to last Sunday.  Sorry I didn't post today, just decided to take a day off.  There are out of order but I don't feel like switching them.  First was swim, the Caleb's party at Gigglebery Fair at Peddler's Village in Lahaska.  We were here last year to mess around.  We should come back more often, the kids really love it.  Rich was nice enough to take Ariel for a ride as Amy and I were not about to do it.

 They had a really nice arcade.
 First we went into the little kiddie room.
 Kids love fishing.

 Ariel got to take her ride with a pair of baby twins!

 What's Aden doing?
 Big blocks!
 Don't you have that in your room Aden?
 We all had lots of questions about life with twins!
 Then it was lunchtime.  The food was actually really good.  I usually never eat the pizza at parties but I had three slices!
 Then it was time for the giant maze.
 There are balls everywhere and guns to shoot them.
 Aden ran right off.
 You are supposed to be five to go in the maze but there was not stopping our little daredevil.
 Of course daddy had to follow.

 Aden is shooting at us!
 We got all the way to the top!

We caught up with Aden who collected balls to shoot.

 Shoot mommy!
 They really did not want to leave.
 A few more games, please?

That morning was swim.  We ran into Nicky in the parking lot.
Nothing much to say.  Same class.  Always the same class.

 Ok, that was different.  Get the soccer ball!

 Have a great weekend!