Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Stinkin' Buffet

A vendor took us so we had to go again. It's not even that impressive for what they charge.

The room, funny.

Back to the show. Need a pool? I was able to walk around a little. It's huge! The booths go on forever. I'm not sure how people find us.

Kevin and Ryan and I

Uncle Rusty's brand tile and vinyl cleaner! It's a new one that the silk screener delivered today.

Today wasn't like yesterday. I felt every minute of the 6 hours. My feet were killing me. The tote bags kept me busy. Some people would drop off their cards and say they would come back later. I would make the bags then hang them up until they got back. A swarm of random people came by and took all the bags before I could stop them so I had to make them again! A few potential customers were really excited to see what their bottles would look like and wanted to make orders right away. Here is the trolley back.

We had a party at the Tropicana. Nothing but the best for our clients. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheesesteaks and onion rings. I am definitely be picking the menu next year. Everyone asked about Amy, which was nice and offered me help and advice about the industry. They hung out till 9 then I went to the Irish Pub with Kevin and Ryan till late. It's now11:24 and I am so ready for bed.

Everyone was in a good mood and chatty. I showed them all wedding and honeymoon pics!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The tote bags were a success!

So, I was wide awake at 6. Ugh. My parents insisted we meet for breakfast at 8:15. Oh no, the buffet again. I swear, I just ate like 2 mouthfuls and ran out the door again. DO people really like this? I drove out to Margate to check on Amy's house. It was weird that there were no cars around.

Amy's two favorite places. Closed.

The beach looked nice...

...except for the snow.

AC and the boardwalk from Ventnor.

The Borgata from the car.

After putting on the uniform, I took the shuttle to the convention center. The show was from 12 to 6. Here is the booth.

The setup to make the tote bags.

As soon as the door opened, we were swamped! We have a lot of customers in this area and they all came right over to talk. I was setting up around 11. The next time I looked at the clock it was 4! The bags were a hit. Everyone wanted one. I tried to make the potential customers a priority but it's hard to put off good old customers. There were some technical glitches but all in all it went well.

When I first pitched this idea I used Bob's Pools as an example. Guess who came over and wanted a tote? Bob's Pools!

I really didn't have a chance to walk around but here are a couple of shots of the show.

Some totes

2 person hot tub.

One of our vendors took us out to dinner. It is a Japanese company. We had a great time, especially when the grappa was passed around.

It was Ricky's birthday. He's quitting smoking tonight!

A store called Whim at the Borgata. It's supposed to be all the things you would never by for yourself if you were at home and sane. The stuff was crazy. The bike was $110,000!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Atlantic City

So, I'm finally here. My first Atlantic City Pool Convention. I drove down around noon. Checked in at the Borgata and met my parents at the buffet. Now you all know by now that I really hate the big lunches I have been having the last few months, but this had to be the worst. Way too many temptations and way too many choices. I ran out the door screaming. No one should ever eat that much lunch! I'll get an outside shot of the casino. I took it for granted that you have all been here but I have some inside shots.

Cleaning the Chihuly glass.

The view from my very nice room.

After lunch, we went to the Convention Center to set up the booth. When we did that in Orlando last month, it was so hot that day as they didn't have the air on. Just the opposite here. It was freezing! You could see your breath! They won't turn the heat on until tonight. Needless to say, we got out of there really quickly.

We came back and had a few hours before dinner so I went to the pool! I do have pictures of me without a shirt but I decided to spare you. I went in the hot tub too. I told the guys later I did that and they said I obviously haven't been in the pool business for long because then I would know never to go in a public hot tub! They are usually not kept up.

Back in the room for sunset.

We met everyone in the lobby, then cabbed to the Tropicana.

With my parents in the Quarter at the Trop.

The whole gang at PF Changs. Again, I ate way too much. We even had dessert. Thankfully these conventions are only twice a year. I guess I will hit the gym tomorrow.

I hung out with Kevin and Ryan at the sports bar before I headed back. We watched extreme fighting. What is with that?!?

3 Years!

Well, today is the third anniversary of our 1st date! It's crazy that we have only known each other for three years. I don't remember a time before her!

If you haven't seen it, here is the moment I proposed. Just look at her face!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tacconelli's hits the spot.

Friday night was low key. We had dinner at Villa di Roma. Always great meatballs. Amy could eat those forever. Saturday morning we get a text from Jason saying they were on their way at 10:30, so I had to get Amy going early. Jason and Rachel arrived around 1 and we headed to Dave and Busters where we met Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane. I haven't been to the Dave and Busters in town in a very long time. It was actually a hopping place. Lunch was good. Here is the gang.

Me and Sloane. She's about 4 months now and was all smiles!

The proud daddy.

We earned Josh about 1300 tickets playing games and he got some really cute stuff. We ran back and changed then cabbed over to Continental Old City to meet Mark and Alicia, Adam and Kasia and Andy and Alicia. (my high school friends)

The girls.

The guys. As Alicia put it, three cool guys and one with a sweater vest. Oh snap! We totally pigged out. I think Mark ordered everything on the menu and we finished it all. It was nice catching up with everyone but they all had to get home to their kids so Amy and I went over to Continental Mid-Town to meet Jason and Rachel.

Two Continentals in one day. That has happened before. We sat in the lounge area in the back of the second floor. Not the best picture but what can I do?

I was walking by when some fries were delivered.

Here is a closeup of the fries. They are awesome.

Sunday, Jason and Rachel left early so Amy and I went to the gym. She did her special pregnancy exercises. We then drove to Cherry Hill and shopped at the Mall. I got some pants for the convention and and she got a maternity bathing suit for Florida. I'm psyched to go to Florida in 3 weeks. We haven't been there since May which is a really long time for us. Since we were in Jersey, we had dinner at the Tacconelli's in Maple Shade. It's the same one as the one in Port Richmond except for the 100 year old oven and this one had salads. Monday morning I head to Atlantic CIty. I will try and keep up the daily updates.