Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have been in Orlando since Monday for the National Swimming Pool convention. We have a booth. It's my first so pretty exciting. I have never seen so many hot tubs in one place. I have been too busy to update but I have taken any pics which I will hopefully post over the weekend. Next week is Aruba, so stay tuned for daily updates from there!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day

Well tomorrow I'm off to Orlando for my first National Swimming Pool Convention! Bet you are all jealous. This has been a really long weekend. Wednesday night, Amy and I met Adam and, Rose and Randy at the new Cheesecake Factory at the Willow Grove Mall. There wasn't a wait! We always like it there. No pictures. Thursday, Melissa was helping out at Amy's dad's beer store. Amy's cousins from Atlanta hadn't been there yet and wanted to visit. Here is Adam trying out some beer. Just kidding.

Adam did though work the register and got $7 in tips!


Adam in the ice case.

Amy's mom and I did all the cooking for dinner. The rest of them are useless. Right before my family arrived, there was a huge crash. The chandelier over the dining room table fell! It shattered and there was glass everywhere! Thankfully it didn't happen during dinner.

Melissa, Mark and Amy.


Chloe had a spot at the table.

The food.

Melissa and Mark.

The cake. My mom's famous chocolate cake. Melissa had requested my mom make it. My sister freaked as she finds it too tempting and forbade my mom to make it. Amy's family had a family meeting and decided there must be cake.

Mel and Jenny

Friday morning, Amy's family was over for breakfast. Everyone just pretty much ate the cake! Brianna definitely enjoyed it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New York, New York

Saturday Amy and I drove up to West New York, New Jersey to stay with Jason and Rachel. We drove into the City and had dinner at Butterfield 8. Some great steaks while we waited for everyone else to show up to celebrate Jason's birthday. I think everyone in the world came. It became so crowded.

The four of us.

Hot babes - Amy, Rachel, Alisa and Liz

Jason's sister Emily and her boyfriend Russ, who we finally got to meet.

Me and Liz.

The way home was a bit of an adventure. We had to walk to the PATH train near Macy's (below). After a long ride to Hoboken, we waited in a long line for a taxi.

The next morning, we drove back into the City for lunch at Ben's Deli. We all had matzah ball soup. The hot pastrami was great.

Crossing the street, I could see Times Square.

Here is the bar from Saturday night.


After a little shopping at Bloomingdales, we went to Dylan's Candy Shop. (Dylan is Ralph Lauren's daughter) You could really get lost in there.

We drove back and went right to Aunt Judy and Uncle Steve's house. Alex and Justin were in from Penn State and they were having a dinner for Justin's birthday. Elaine and Edmund were in with the kids. Here is Elaine and Brianna.

Melissa and Brianna.

Little Adam picked out the candle.

Me and Murray.
Had a crazy weekend. I will update tonight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lunch in Chicago

Yes, I went to Chicago for lunch and came right back! Dad and I went to visit our biggest client. He owns 17 stores in the mid-West. They are huge stores that also sell pool tables, exercise equipment and furniture. He also has a seat on the Chicago Stock Exchange and plays golf with Michael Jordan! So we fly Southwest who changed the seating system. It's still AB and C but now there are numbers also. We checked in exactly 24 hours prior and got A30's. Seems they reserve A 1-29 for people who choose to pay extra. They then have these poles for each five people. First they call up A's and tell you to stand by your pole. Once the A's are in, they call up the B's. I don't like it. You are still waiting in line and now no matter how early you get there, you will never be one of the first 30 on board unless you are willing to spend $30 over the highest fare. Here is the gate area with h the poles.

The Blues Brothers at Midway Airport.

Some art at the ariport.

That part of Chicago wasn't very nice. Way in the South. Most of the houses have big garages in the back. Kind of hard to see in the picture.

This is as close as we got to the City. He actually wanted to go to Chilis! Could have gone there much closer to home. His offices were really nice. The flight back was quick, only 1 hour 20 minutes.

A little present waiting for us at the office. I guess I'll be cleaning it up!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle

Friday night Amy and I stayed in the burbs and had dinner with her co-teacher Dawn and her husband at Piccolos. Saturday we went to look at houses. Amy says we can live anywhere in the world as long as it's within 2 miles of her parents! Here are a couple we liked.

Saturday night we were invited to Ellen and Christian's house for a beautiful dinner with my old boss Francois, his wife Ray and my sister. They made an awesome filet with homemade sauces. We pigged out and talked until late in the evening.

Amy, Bev and I.


Chewie, one of two dogs and a cat.

Emily, who sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for half an hour. She was shy at first but was soon entertaining us.

Sunday we did nothing except lay around. We wanted to go to King of Prussia but 76 was closed due to an accident. We met Dave and Danielle for dinner at Figs in the Art Museum area. Very good lamb. We discussed their fast approaching wedding.