Wednesday, January 31, 2024

White House

Last Wednesday, it was back to the Atlantic City Convention Center.  
Lunch at one of the best steak sandwich places in the world.  
The pictures on the wall of everyone who has eaten here from Elvis to Sinatra to Trump are unbelievable.  
Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

Dinner for our customers.  
I Facetimed with the kids to say good night. 
Then we hit the B Bar at the Borgata.  
Such a fun night.  
We drank till late!


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Cheap Trick

Last Tuesday, I drove to Atlantic City for a convention.  
It was a busy day.  
That night, I got dressed to party!
Dinner at Cafe 2825, which is totally awesome.  I paced myself and did not feel sick after.  
We make the new people try grappa, which is a super strong wine made from the leftover wine and grapes after regular wine is made.  
Yeah, it's really hard to drink!
Great group.  

Then we went to a private party where The Marshall Tucker band and Cheap Trick played!  
Now this is a party.  Unlimited food and drink and 70's rock stars!

I even found Dave!

Then back to the Borgata, which was packed!  On a random Tuesday in January.  

I hung out until I was ready to pass out.  


Monday, January 29, 2024

Visit School

It's Monday night.  Aden and I just played tennis.  I'm tired and sore!  

Last Sunday, I texted my cousin Lisa to check in.  She sent back this picture on Safari in Kenya!  Crazy!
I picked up Ariel at Tessa's house.  It was a winter wonderland.  
Watching Gilmore Girls in the secret room.  
I took the twins to see Migration.  
Cute movie.  
We went to visit Melissa and family.  Hey Honey!


Last Monday, we loaded up our cars with all the stuff to be thrown out.  
Then we headed to my office where we have dumpsters.  
Gifted newsletter!
It was school visitation day.  The twins were in lunch when I got there.  I got to see them interacting with their friends.  
Both boys running down the hall!
Noah's class.  
Then I saw Ariel at lunch.  
I'm not sure about Noah's writing.  
Amy helped with Eli's reading.  
I walked into Ariel's class and all the kids yelled my name.  It was sweet.  

It was a quiet night watching Avatar.