Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seder 2

Sorry for the late posting. I had a funeral this morning. My friend Abby's father passed away suddenly on Sunday. It was a very moving service. The grandkids, who are all younger than 8, spoke. Our hearts are with them.

Yesterday, I picked up Aden from school. He was chillin' on the sofa.

He couldn't wait show us his Easter basket and eggs.

He did a great job making them.

We went to Adam and Kasia's house for seder number 2. We had a very nice night.

There was so much to keep Aden busy and he loves the girls.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover!

Last night we had our Passover seder at my parent's house. Amy's family and Aunt Judy and Uncle Steve and Beverly and Sol were there. The food was great, mom made most of it but I made some of the veggies, and everyone had a great time. Aden was very entertaining. I did take pictures but none of them came out well. I will try and get my sister's pictures to post.

Sunday, Jason and Rachel came in from North Jersey to hang out. Last we saw them was in Miami last month.

Aden had a lot of fun playing with them.

The spent the whole day! We brought in some pizza and sandwiches. Then we went to Melissa's for dinner. Aden insisted on the hat and sunglasses!

Mark kept Aden busy while I was on a wild goose chase. They sent me to the wrong restaurant to pick up the food and didn't know where they actually ordered from!

Aden is really into feeding Elmo. At least the water helped wash out some of the peanut butter from the last time he fed him.

I think Mickey wants some too!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Snack Time!

Happy Bar Mitzvah Chad!!!

Friday I picked up Aden during snack time. The kids were all talking to each other. I will post a video later.

After dinner with my family at Angelo's in Southampton, we went to see the puppy.

Cooper is getting big and a bit crazy.

Aden is still not so sure but Jenny and Chloe seem to be enjoying him more.

Saturday we had Amy's cousin Chad's Bar Mitzvah. The service and the party were at the Rosebank Winery in Newtown. The service was in the barn and was very intimate and moving. Chad did a great job!

Yes, even the sheep enjoyed it.

Melissa and Mark.

Yes, it really was a barn. After a luncheon, we headed back to rest and play with Aden.

A few hours later, we were heading back! The invitation said "t-shirts and chic jeans." Maura came over to watch Aden. They are so cute together. They talk and talk even though neither one has any idea what the other is saying. It was Maura's 17th birthday Friday!

Chad, the Bar Mitzvah boy is dancing in green. Neal Cohen was the dj. The kids had a blast.

The food came from Piccolos, our favorite local Italian place.

We even played some blackjack with Chad money.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Bear!!!

No Music Class

Well you have been spared two weeks in a row. Last week, I didn't go to music class so there were no pictures. Last night, none of us went. Aden had a bit of a meltdown so we decided to skip it.

When I got home, Aden was busy mowing the driveway.

He had a good day at school and seemed very happy so we are not sure why he freaked out when it was time to leave. (they painted Easter eggs today!)

To calm him down, I took him to the neighbor's swing set.

He would not come off the swing willingly.

Too small for that one yet.

He liked being up high on the tower too.

What's that face?

Feeling better? It's time for daddy to give you a bath!

Getting everything organized for bed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Much Better

It's Thursday morning and Aden is back to school! Yesterday Amy worked a half day so I could get back to work for a few hours. Aden was feeling a lot better yesterday but then had a bad reaction to the medicine for his ear infection so we had to switch. The new one is only once a day which is nice. Today he seems back to himself. I haven't taken many pictures the last couple of days as Aden wasn't in the mood, but that should all change tonight. It's the last session of the current music class so that means the parachute is coming out!

Yesterday Aden was getting ready for the Phillies season. Too bad he never got a chance to see them play at the Vet. Am I the only one that misses it?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy Dogs

Josh, Aden and Sloane

Making Aden Laugh

Ear We Go Again!

Ear we go again! Double ear infection. The doctor thinks it's the same one he had a few weeks ago. It's back! So daddy day care was back on yesterday and today. After a long nap, he did seem a little better and we had some fun.

Let's feed Elmo and Bear. Probably not the best idea to let him do it with peanut butter. Poor Elmo will never be the same.

He gets obsessed with different toys. Now it's the garage. It will keep him busy for hours. Amy is going to take a half day today so she can take over.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

King of the Castle

It's Tuesday morning and poor Aden has a fever. I got a call from day care yesterday that he was sick and we have been home ever since. We have a doctor's appointment in a little while. It's so sad when he doesn't feel like himself.

Sunday was another beautiful day. We met Alan, Ina, Josh and Sloane at Central Park in Doylestown. It was our first time at the Kid's Castle and we were amazed!

How come no one ever told us about this?

Of course, Aden headed right for the swings.

I want to be a kid again!

The whole area was pretty. There were people having picnics and playing with dogs.

OK, enough swinging, let's try other stuff!

There were so many places to explore.

It was also very crowded.

Aden became fixated on the castle, which is for ages 5-9.

So I went with him in the first level.

He was chasing kids around the maze.

He really wanted to start climbing but I didn't think he was ready and it was dinner time. I had to drag him out of there!

It will be even more fun when he is a little bigger.

We all went to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner and Maggie Moo's for ice cream. Aden had a lot of fun with Josh and Sloane.

We stopped by Amy's parent's to see the puppy. Jenny is finally playing with him. I will post some videos. Very cute.

Birthday cake? Aden is so there!