Friday, July 31, 2009

Sorry, too busy today to post. Just made it down the shore. Of course we followed the storm the whole way. It was horrible. Just as we get here, it clears up! The streets are flooded and I am wet but we made it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aden Graduates Mommy and Me

The last couple of days were very busy. Tuesday night, Amy and I went into town for a fundraiser for her Hall Mercer mommy and me class. They need money to finish the roof deck where the kids play. Here is Amy with her friends Margo and Emily.

We were at Apothecary on 13th. Cool place. They had a silent auction. We won a bunch of musical instruments for Aden.

We then stopped by our condo for the last time. The closing was yesterday. The buyer was there. He probably wasn't supposed to be but we didn't mind. Amy was happy because he seemed like a nice, young guy, who was excited to be starting out in the City. There was also a stray cat living there that he started taking care of.

I feel ok about all this. I don't have the connection with the place that I once had. I guess I'm getting comfortable in the 'burbs.

Bye! Ok, now I'm tearing up a bit.

Wednesday morning Aden was ready to go!

Amy and Aden had their last mommy and me class so I went for a little. Every stroller was a Bugaboo!

This is Abby. It was her birthday!

Abby's mom Margo made no dairy or egg chocolate cupcakes for the kids. Aden enjoyed his!

This is the inside part. Lots of toys for the kids. The teacher was talking about how to deal with temper tantrums.

Then we went up to the roof deck. Aden seems to like sand better than water.

The roof deck was neat. Lots to do.

The fundraiser was to finish the tiles and extend the awning.

Aden is not so sure about the sprinkler, even if it is Elmo!

So back to the sand.

Nice view of the City.

Aden and Lila playing in the pool.

A little snack.

Amy is sad she can't continue the class as it's during the day and she's going back to work. She made some really great friends and so did Aden!

One final round of songs. Maybe I will post the video later.

We then went to the closing for the condo. No pictures there. Just lots of signatures.

Then we walked about 12 blocks, which is more than a mile in the crazy heat and humidity to visit Melanie, Gregg and new baby Sam. He just turned three weeks. We had a nice time hanging out and cooling off before we had to walk back to the cars.

Luckily the rain held off until we got to the cars. It poured on the way home.

Even though we got back around 4, we were super hungry so nothing like the early bird specials at Ben and Irvs.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swing Aden Swing

Today is a big day. It's Aden's last day at Hall Mercer mommy and me and we are selling our condo on South Street, but more on that later.

These are just some fun shots from the last few days. Aden walked right over to his train, climbed on and started rocking.

Monday after work, we went swing set shopping. Aden had a great time trying them out.

Some of these things are crazy. How are we supposed to know what Aden is going to like 5 or 6 years from now? It's a hard decision and as you all know, we are not good at hard decisions.

This thing was close to $20,000!!! Are they insane?

Then piano practice.

He's getting quite good.

He finds Mozart a little too easy. He needs something more challenging.

Please excuse all the food on his face.

Our little maestro!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Aden the Philly Phanatic

Sunday was Aden's first Phillies game. Mark got us tickets last minute and since it was in a box, we decided to take Aden.

Yes, the Bugaboo went also. Good thing too. We parked so far from the stadium, we should have just walked from home.

So excited!

We got there a little late. We heard the National Anthem from the parking lot.

It wasn't easy maneuvering through all the people. The place was packed!

Our view from the box.

Aden ate some soft pretzel then had a bottle. You better enjoy those buddy, we'll be taking those away soon!

Ok, let's go watch the game!

Aden wanted to sit in the front row so he could see everything.
Go Phils!

It was hot out there so Aden wanted a little ice cream. You should have seen the big bites he was taking!

He clapped at the home runs!

Aunt Melissa was also really into the game! Just kidding, she only read between innings.

It's getting loud in here!

Me and Mel.

Yes, Mark wore a Pittsburgh hat. Setting a bad example for Aden!

Nothing like a Bud Light Lime to cool off.

He wasn't driving so we let him have a few!

He does look drunk here!

Aden made it through the 7th inning.

They sang G-d Bless America then Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

We had a great time and were also so excited that Aden did too. He was dancing with the music, clapping with the crowd and eating like crazy. We will have to do it again soon!