Thursday, December 30, 2021

Dave & Busters

It's Thursday night.  Tomorrow is New Years Eve.  I remember last year at this time thinking that 2021 would have to be better than 2020. Well, not really.  So I'm not making any predictions about 2022.  Last Thursday, we went to Dave and Busters.  
Some Hungry Hungry Hungry Hippo action.  

The twins didn't know where to go first.  
Nice throw Ariel!

Throwing rubber axes.  

Riding together on a snowboard.  
Aden will do anything Walking Dead related.  

Ariel got  fun drink.  She's the first of our kids to start drinking soda and I'm not thrilled about that.  
We had dinner there.  
Then Aden and I played some pool.  
Ariel had no idea what to do.  
But she's cute so it's ok.  
Then we bowled.  

The kids loved it.  

Last Friday, Eli found a croquet set in the garage.  
We played a little.  

I made food to bring to the shore.  These were bacon wrapped hot dogs that I smoked.  
Wow, they were yummy.  
We apparently moved the croquet in the house.  
That night we watched Santa progress around the globe.
Then we went for a drive to find some crazy decorations.  Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Twin's Holiday Party

Here's a quick post for your Thursday.  Last Wednesday, the twins had their holiday party at school.  It's a bummer I don't get to be there.  Maybe I should be a homeroom mom again.  Anyway, these pics were posted on Facebook.  
Here's a sample of the pics.  

I would fish all the time if you could catch candy canes!

I didn't see any pictures from Ariel's party but she had fun.  


Tuesday, December 28, 2021


It's Tuesday night.  Ariel is having a sleepover with Fionna.  They are up but thankfully the boys are quiet.  Speaking of the boys, last Monday morning they worked on legos before school.  Eli is getting better but still makes some mistakes.  Noah is almost as good as Aden!
That night, Ariel had private cheer lessons.  
Working hard.  

It's a Small World game.  
Wrestling before bed.  
Last Tuesday, Amy and I got to see the new Spiderman movie.  
It's very highly rated and has done extremely well but Amy and I were both mixed about it.  It did look amazing in Imax and there definitely were some very entertaining moments.  
Playing in the basement that night.  

Eli is so strong!
Not sure why he was doing this.  
We ate some cookies from Crumbl.  Yummy!