Thursday, January 31, 2019

First Basket

It's Thursday night.  I'm not even going to talk about how cold it is.  (It was barely above 10 today).  We are starting to get a little concerned about Noah's behaviour.  He's increasingly acting erratic.  I picked him up today from school.  It was his friend's birthday and for some reason he got some presents at school.  When Noah saw me he started screaming that he wanted presents and that today was his birthday.  I explained that today was Mile's birthday and that Noah and Eli's birthday was in 2 weeks.  He said it was his birthday and he needed presents.  He started screaming again and ran around completely inconsolable.  Then he started hitting me.  It took heavy distraction to calm him down.  We know this is toddler but none of the other kids have acted like this.  Here's a short post to finish off the week.  

These are random pics from last Friday and Saturday.  It's was spirit day at pre-school!
 The kids are starting to eat a little better.  Just a little.  
 There's barely room for the boys in the tub with all their toys.
 Running around with their new Paw Patrol toys.
  Aden's basketball game.  
 He played pretty aggressively and finally got a basket and I caught the moment!

Here's a closer shot of an almost basket.  They won big finally.

I love this Tesla.  They had it rebranded 1.21 jigawatts.  That's what it took to power the time machine in Back to the Future.  
 Dance time.
 Then the twins had a playdate at a friend's house.  They loved being around all those new toys.  

 Dance party!
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rice Anyone?

It's Wednesday night.  Crazy weather we are having again.  The kids had a 2 hour delay today and are having a 3 hour delay tomorrow. What’s a 3 hour delay?  They go in at 12. Go right to lunch and leave at 3:30. 

These are from Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  Cool license plate.
 The boys were looking at pictures of Aden when he was their age and they were a bit confused.

 Rice anyone?

Amy and I went to visit our friend Jessica and her 1 month old son.  It's amazing how fast it come back to you.

 Such a tiny cutie.  Jessica was a little anxious as a first time mom and we were able to get her to relax a little.

 I'm getting them to look at the camera a little more.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dr. Eli In The House

This was last Monday and Tuesday.  Wow it was cold and it’s about to get cold again.  What a winter!
 They are always silly early in the morning.

 Amy took them to their gym class.
 Ariel Facetimed with me when she got home.
 Dr. Eli in the house.
 I took Ariel to her tumbling class.
 Pretty girl.

 All bundled up for the walk to school.

 Amy tried to set up the trains but the boys destroyed them.
 I'm not sure about Eli but Ariel is going to start piano lessons soon.  
 Eli thinks he's a cat sometimes.
 Late night intense game.

Monday, January 28, 2019

More Shakes Please

It's Monday night.  I left you at last Saturday after Nate's party.  I just wanted you to look at the weather that was coming.  The high the next day was going to be 52 and the low 7!
That night Jason and Heather came over with the twins.

The kids played great together.

That included video games.

We had Korean food for dinner.

Eli and his dresses.

We set up the humidifier for the boys' colds.
Hebrew school!  Ariel walking in with Mara.
Eli holding a phone over the balcony.
We went out to lunch at a burger and shake place.
Yummy shakes.

It was too cold to leave the house again so we kept the kids busy the rest of the day.
In the tent.