Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Monday and we are back to work! Except for Amy who is still off. It was a really long break, where I was constantly confused over which day it was.

Back on Friday, Amy went with Melissa bridesmaid dress shopping and I took Aden over to my grandmother's house to see Eric, Trish and Lucas who were visiting from Boston. (Amy found a dress!)

We haven't seen Lucas since August. He got so much bigger. He even has Aden's big belly. He is about 9 months old. I already forget Aden being like this.

Kids really love these Little People buses.

Aden was really good with him.

They played together for a while.

Friday night, we had dinner with Adam and Ellen and Mark and Melissa at the Saloon in Newtown. The food was decent but way overpriced for the suburbs.

Saturday morning, Aden was checking out the shower. He likes when we are in there and he can open and close the door on us.

Our friend Nomi came to visit from Delaware. We went to Isaac Newton's in Newtown for lunch. Aden was good for awhile but then needed to get up so I took him outside to run around a little.

So far, November has been a pretty nice month.

Aden is starting to outgrow some of his 18 month clothes, even though he is 16 months.

We walked around a little.

Hey Nomi! Saturday night, we stayed in and watched The Wrestler. How did Mickey Rourke not win the Oscar for that?

Sunday, I went to the Eagles game with my dad. What a perfect day for football. 60 degrees and sunny. It helped that the Eagles pulled out a win in the end.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in 2 Hours!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yesterday was quite a day. The plan was to have dinner at Amy's parent's house. I was making some of the vegetables later in the day so Amy, Melissa and I went to see New Moon in the morning. It was my least favorite of the Twilight books, which is not saying much, so while the movie was decent, it was a little slow and depressing for me.

My parents watched Aden.

When we got back, he was very playful, then we get a call around 3. Amy's mom's oven somehow caught on fire. (the second time in 3 years, although this time, they didn't get to see any cute firemen) The turkey survived but Thanksgiving was out, so we took it over. We had 2 hours to prepare for 16 people! With everyone's help, we pulled it off!
Aden was feeding Uncle Mark string cheese.

Of course Aden was the center of attention.

The food! Everything was great.

Melissa got her plate.

Aden was showing everyone the hat he made in school.

He also played a little piano to entertain us.

My boy!

He loves to be upside down.

He only seems to hug the boys. Justin, fresh back from basic training, got his.

We saw pictures of Justin's experience. Wow. Don't know how he did it. He was first in his class! We are all very impressed.

Now off to flight school in Florida.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Return of the Ears

Aden made it through school yesterday with no sign of pink eye. I was going to stay home with him but his eyes looked ok to me so I dropped him off. After school, he had a lot of energy and was running around. His walking is getting much steadier.

He went to the basement door and knocked. I guess he was ready for some more chasing.

Plumber's crack!

What would I do if I actually caught it?

I'm liking my haircut, I can see!

This is one of my favorite pictures from back in March.

We found the ears!

Yes, he was walking around in his car with the ears on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pink Eye or Not?

So I get a call from school at about 2. They think Aden has pink eye, come get him! I picked him up but he seemed fine to me. They said when he got up from his nap, his eyes were red, puffy and crusty but then it cleared up. He acted fine all night. Maybe it was allergies or something. Melissa and Mark came for dinner. I made my famous chicken schnitzel. Aden fed himself some spaghetti. He gets angry if you try and help him.

He gets so excited to see uncle Mark.

Tickle tickle.

Hug the bear before bed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This was from the reunion. They had a green screen set up and you picked the background.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Haircut 3!

It's Sunday morning and Aden is sitting in his car so I have a few moments to work on this. Yesterday Aden joined us in bed as he got up early and we were too tired to get up.

I'm not sure why he finds my wallet so fascinating.

I missed a great shot, oh well. I had a bowl of cereal in the family room on the desk. Aden walked over and of course dumped it on his head! I ran him up to the bath and took one quick pic.

Haircut #3! Aden was very calm and took it like a man.

Uncle Curtis is really good with him.

He cut it a little shorter this time.

Some snacks to keep him occupied.

Daddy's turn to hold Aden.

Where's that hot air coming from?

Our little boy!

Then off to Bloomingdales where Aden got not one but two new winter jackets! One a little bigger than the other so we should be covered for the whole winter.

We ran into Rylee and Reese! (and Rose and Randy of course)

Aden caught up with them.

Aden also got a new sweatshirt and about 10 other things. Lucky kid. Daddy didn't get anything.

It's a good thing he likes to shop because that's what mommy and daddy do best!

Saturday night was my high school reunion! I was a little nervous about going. I did a little studying ahead of time. Between the yearbook and Facebook, I thought I had a good handle on who was who. Turns out everyone else was nervous too but it wasn't necessary. Amy and I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and remembered me a lot more than I remembered them!

Some of my buds. We don't look a day over 18!

Jeff and I were neighbors growing up. Our wives bonded. We will have to get together soon.