Thursday, January 30, 2014

Summertime Memories

It's Thursday night, the kids are asleep.  It's time to do this then catch up on tv.  We are already 3 behind on American Idol!  

Melissa sends us pics during the day which is great. 
Like I said, I had business in Atlantic City.  I decided to throw everyone a big dinner of all our favorite foods.  My first stop was Dino's.  After my awesome steak sandwich, I picked up a bunch of subs then went next door and got chocolate turtles at Jagielky's.
Next I went to check on the houses.  It was crazy seeing snow around them.
 I actually had to go in and grab the stroller.  Nothing like walking through 10 inches of snow in your dress shoes!
 Then I went to Ocean City to pick up the popcorn and pizza.  I don't think I have ever seen snow on the boardwalk before.
 Johnson's and Manco and Manco's are both open year round!

 I got an extra large bucket.  Yummy.
 I made it home with 5 pies!
 We cut up the subs and jumped in!
 Hey there!

 That's some good tuna!
 We will be eating the pizza for days!
 Aden discovered Plants vs. Zombies.
 Ariel had her slice.
 First born!
 Then it was time for the really good stuff.

 Eva missed everything!
 The night ended with a Frozen dance routine.

Just a Quick One

Sorry. Short post today. I was actually in Atlantic City the last few days for work. I'm on my way back so don't have a computer right now. Tonight I will be posting some fun pictures though. I have a surprise for Amy. 

Pretty soon this "ok we can read one book in Aden's bed" is going to become "yeah right I'm leaving!"

Hitting the Borgata nightlife!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Major Frizz

On Sunday, Eva and the rest of them came for dinner!  Mark and Aden relived their excitement from the Sixers game.
 Then wrestled like usual.
 Someone woke up hungry!
 I want to hold Baby Eva!
 I'm holding Baby Eva!
 Now I'm holding Baby Mark.
 My turn!

 Chilling before school Monday.
 Someone has a static problem!

 I think we need some hairspray!
 All ready for school!

Love That Pirate Game

It's Monday night and it's already so cold again.  It's supposed to be in the single digits by the time we wake up.  Yuck.  Today, Melissa went to visit her friend Stef who had her baby last week. 
Eva looks huge compared to Hailey!
This was a picture from before that I didn't post.
 Sunday, after Sunday School, I took Aden to Dave and Busters to play some video games.
 This pirate game is his favorite.
 He wanted to do ticket games but I steered him towards the regular games.
 It's crazy how all the iPhone games are becoming full sized games.
 Cut the Rope!
 Could not get him off the snowmobile.

 I didn't feel like paying for the shuffle board but he kept asking me about it.

 Cool dude at the bar.
 Got this picture from Atlanta.  Turns out Adam is in a band and had a gig!  Pretty awesome.  Would love to hear them play.