Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bye Ner-Muda

Friday morning we were serenaded. The perfect alarm clock.

Breakfast was waiting for us in the lounge.

Amy was still searching for her first good cup of coffee.


We got an early start so we could check out the beach and the pool. First, the beach which was a short trolley ride down the hill.

Now that's a welcome!

The hotel had it's own private beach with chairs, umbrellas and restaurants.

Soft, pink sand.

I loved how the waves hit the rocks. One of these will be blown up and hung up!

I need me some Bermuda shorts!

We wandered next door to the Horseshoe Bay beach, which is the most popular beach on the island.

It's a huge beach! They said about 4000 people a day show up.

It was only 9 am and already so hot.

There was a little cove nearby.

Maybe Melissa should have had her wedding here!

More great houses overlooking the beach.

I could get used to this life!

Up to the pool! Then it was time to go back. Mixed feelings about that.

Back to the boat just in time for it to leave!

Aden's new favorite phrase, "bye ner-muda!" You really have to hear him say it.

Up to the pool for a little pre-dinner swim.

Formal night 2.

Back to the lounge for some dancing!

He even found a friend to dance with. I will post some videos.

Time for bed so mommy and daddy can hit the midnight dessert buffet and formal dance.

I didn't take pictures, too busy eating!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fairmont Southampton

Thursday morning we had an early excursion. We took the ferry into Hamilton.

The houses in Bermuda are just ridiculous. So many movie stars have them here.

We got on a bus in Hamilton and drove around the island a bit. Here is the governor's house. He is assigned by the Queen of England every few years.

Our first stop was the aquarium and zoo.

Aden loved the fish.

Not such a big fan of the sharks though.

He kept wanting to go back and see the turtle. He was disappointed there weren't any cows!

Then went to see the caves. I carried Aden the whole way down and up. That was not fun, but the cave was cool.

Aden was just looking around, mouth hanging open. We told him this is where Batman lives.

The ferry ride back to the boat.

He always has to have one in each hand.

We dropped Aden off with my parents, packed an overnight bag and hopped into a taxi for our romantic night on the island.

It was about a half hour ride to the Fairmont Southampton where Cara stayed 2 weeks ago and Jason stayed last week! It was an amazing place.

Our floor had a lounge with free food, drink and internet! Of course I forgot my computer or I would have done more contemporaneous updates.

A view of the bay and the ocean!

Let's go out to dinner!

The view out of the lounge where we had some great meatballs and ravioli from the italian restaurant at the hotel. Each night, one of the restaurants puts out food in the lounge.

We took another taxi, which are crazy expensive, to the Port Royal golf course where a PGA event is about to be held to eat at the restaurant there on Cara's recommendation.

64 Degrees!

We got there at sunset and ran out onto the beautifully manicured lawns to see.

Of course I didn't have my good camera.

The food was amazing. It was so nice to get a break from the boat food.

Back to the hotel, which was a happening place. A lot f the locals hang out there.

There was a huge pack of very fashionable and quite loud Italians.

We then checked out the dance club.

Strangely we were the only people there, so back to the party in the lobby!