Sunday, March 31, 2024

Floods Everywhere

It's Sunday night.  We had an interesting quick trip to the Poconos.  More on that later.  

Last Saturday, Amy got up early to walk Stella.  
Tessa was over.  We always seem to be plus one kid in our house.  
It poured really hard all day.  Many of the roads were flooded and some were closed.  
The water was pouring off that field to the right.  The police came and closed the street right behind us.  Good thing I can raise my suspension.  

It was hard running errands that day.  
That night, we went to synagogue for an adult Purim party.  Here's Amy with Ali and Dana.  
They put together a pretty funny show.  They used old Saturday Night Live skits to tell the story of Purim.
The band played music between skits.  They do a great job.  

Dessert after the show.  Lots of hamantaschen.

Madi was in from college and sat that night.  We got back and the twins and Stella were asleep.  


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Tennis Team Dresses Up

Last Thursday, Aden and the tennis team had their first away match so they all dressed up.  So handsome!
Ariel had her private.  
Then we got some shots with the telescope.  

Last Friday, Ariel's teacher bribed her to read a book.  
My parents came for dinner.  
Ariel read her prayers and my mom cried.  
They checked out the claw machine.  

Then the twins showed them the secret room.  
Noah took it easy on grandpop.  
Eli is getting more musical.  
Have a great weekend!


Gym in the Basement

Last Wednesday, Wegmans opened!  For those of you who don't know, it's a huge market that carries such a diversity of food.  Amy was brave enough to go on the first day.  It looked quiet here but it quickly filled up.  
Aden had a match.

The rain was coming!
Closer!  We had to run for our cars!
Didn't matter.  We won all our matches!
Eli set up all the workout equipment.  
I showed him how the TRX straps work.  

Noah has been obsessed with Monopoly lately.  
I got a peanut butter pie from New York for Aden.  


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

First Day of Spring

Last Monday, Eli got up super early to see if he caught the Leprechaun.  He was nervous to go downstairs so he woke me up.  

He didn't catch the Leprechaun but he did get to eat some yummy cupcakes.  
Gifted News
When we got to school, we saw this.  Ariel's buddy Peyton won states in wrestling over the weekend!  It was so nice the school did this.  
Heather bonding with Stella.  
Tennis that night.  
This is how Ariel goes to bed.  
On Tuesday, she woke up like this!
Stella is a complicated dog.  We get some cuddling and some growling.  

We laughed so hard at this video.  

Ariel helped me cook.  She wanted to cut the onions to see is she would cry.  She didn't.
What I was cooking got so smokey, it set off the smoke detectors so I had to run the pan outside.  
I took Ariel to Bat Mitzvah lessons.  Harper was there and they worked together.  Great pic for her montage.  
It was the first day of Spring, so we went to Rita's to get our free water ice.  Notice the girls are sitting in Eli and Noah's car seats.  
It was absolutely freezing out and there was a huge line.  What people won't do to save a couple of dollars.  
It was cold out but it's never too cold for these treats.